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Police Need Your Help Finding the Monster Who Abused This Puppy

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Police and Animal Control officials are seeking the public’s help in finding the person responsible for the horrific abuse of a tiny, 5-month old puppy found bound with duct tape, with plastic bags tied around her head, and left for dead inside a trash can.

Alex Castro, the owner of a Pasco, Washington self-service car wash was horrified to find a small puppy, barely clinging to life, inside a trash can early Tuesday morning.

“They had taken duct tape and wrapped tightly around the neck,” Angela Zilar from the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter told NBC Right Now. “Then they took plastic garbage bags and wrapped it around the neck and tied it in knots. Then duct tapped that again so the dog couldn’t get it out of it.”

Although she was cold and not moving, Castro rushed the tiny Chihuahua puppy to Pet Medical Center where veterinarians were able to revive her. After several days of care, the still unnamed puppy is doing much better, but is still not out of the woods just yet.

“Time is basically going to tell us if she’s going to make a full recovery or not,” Dr. Blair de Vries said. “Right now, with how well she’s been doing, it’s looking very optimistic.”

Today, she is finally eating on her own and has started to put weight onto her tiny 4-and-a-half pound body. It’s clear the tiny girl suffered incredible abuse before being bound and tossed like trash. She’s also covered in bruises, has lost the vision in her left eye, and is showing signs of brain damage.

Because there were no surveillance cameras at the car wash and the puppy was not microchipped or wearing any identification, investigators currently have no leads. They’re asking for the public’s help in finding the person that committed this horrific act of abuse.

Someone out there knows something.

“If we can find out who did something like this of course we need to know that kind of thing and prosecute them to the fullest extent,” Zilar said. In Washington, this crime is considered a felony first degree animal cruelty.

In the meantime, the shelter is also asking for the public’s help in naming the puppy.

Zilar says she wants the name to be meaningful, something that stands for hope or fighter.

To donate to the puppy’s care and recovery, to provide information, or to follow the story and suggest the perfect name for this little fighter, follow Tri Cities Animal Shelter right here.

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  2. Avatar Of Nikki



    Pure evil. I hope they catch them no excuse for this
    Sickens me

  3. Avatar Of Teresa



    It’s things like this that make me despise people.

  4. Avatar Of Khali Karma

    khali Karma


    It is a demon like this one that can make otherwise kind, loving, God fearing people turn into demons themselves to vindicate poor animals that can’t defend themselves. Hell hath no fury for a person who could abuse and almost murder a little innocent defenseless female puppy. I pray with every fiber of my being this evil waste of skin is found and doesn’t make it to be convicted by a judge as they are tortured to the point of no return and left to die somewhere where they wouldn’t be found until they succome to their injuries to their head, chest cavity, ribs, and bleed internally and externally.

  5. Avatar Of Sandi



    Its a good thing I don’t live closer or the stores would have to reorder duct tape. Its unlikely but I hope they find this filth then throw away the key.

  6. Avatar Of Kristi



    This is an evil, sick act by a sub-human being. I desperately hope they find out the monster that did this to the puppy and throw them in prison. I can’t even imagine why someone would do this.


  8. Avatar Of Dorie Dorie says:

    I hope you find this person and send him where the sun will never shine on them ever again!

  9. Avatar Of Mary



    Triumph would be a good name.

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