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Police Officer Shoots, Kills Dog in Front of 6-Year old Girl

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On Friday afternoon, Apollo, a 16-month old German Shepherd mix slipped out the front door. Moments later he would be shot in the head by a Hometown, Illinois police officer right in front of the the family, including a 6-year old little girl and several neighbors.

Apollo’s owners contacted police when the young dog escaped, to alert them that their dog was loose and that they were looking for him. It was a phone call they’ll likely regret making for the rest of their lives.

Hometown Police Chief Charles Forsyth posted on the department’s Facebook page:

On 7/25/14 Police Dispatch received a phone call (recorded call on file) from the dog owners home that their dog a 16 month shepherd/pit mix was loose and requested the Police to watch out for the dog.The Officer located the dog in the area and followed it back to its home. The Officer reports while attempting to coax the dog back into the house the dog turned, growled and approached him in a threatening manner. The Officer then withdrew his service weapon and fired one shot striking the dog. 

Apollo’s owner, Nicole Echlin, said they had just brought Apollo back into their yard when police showed up.

She told NBC5“We were in the lawn and the cop already had his gun out,” Echlin said. “I tried to call him in the house and he just stood there staring and I guess he showed his teeth and the cop just shot him, right in front of me and my 6-year-old daughter.”

In a rare display of immediate and commendable action after a dog shooting, the Hometown Police Chief fired the 15-year veteran of the police force.

Chief Forsyth explained, “although the Officer may have been justified under the Illinois Use of Force statute governing deadly force, I have made the decision to terminate that Officers employment with the Hometown Police Department. In addition, all reports and witness statements will be forwarded to the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit to be reviewed.”

Apollo was taken to the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge, where he died Saturday morning.

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  1. Avatar Of Bonnie



    This is exactly what I have been talking about and have been for years now. These damn bad cops murder good dogs left and right. That’s most likely the reason they wont arrest citizens who do those things because it would be a waste of time. How can a murdering cop that murders dogs go after and arrest other citizens who are doing the same. THESE COPS MURDERING THESE DOGS IS OUT OF CONTROL!! NO ONE DOES A DAMN THING TO STOP IT. ITS A FELONY AND THE COPS DONT EVEN FOLLOW THE LAWS. WHEN WILL THIS STOP????THESE COPS HAVE DIFFERENT WEAPONS TO USEW ITHER THAN SHOOTING THEM, DEAD TO PUT THEM DOWN AND CALM THEM DOWN IF THATS THE CASE. BUT ANYTIME SOMEONE WALKS UP TO SOMEONES DOOR, ALL DOGS GET EXCITED AND BARK AT WHO EVER IS WALKING UP. YOU DONT SEE THEM PULLING GUNS OUT TO KILL THE DOGS.THESE COPS NEED 100% MORE PROOF TO SHOW THE DOG HAD INTENT ON REALLY ATTACKING THE COP. THATS THE EXCUSE THEY ALWAYS USE WHEN ITS HAERDLY EVER THE CASE AT ALL.!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Elaine Elaine says:

    There have been so many articles like this in the media lately where police officers either react too quickly or shoot dogs when it could have been avoided. Glad to hear at least this officer has been relieved of duty.

  3. Avatar Of Gary



    Finally! Some justice for this practice of hothead cops shooting a dog for no good reason at all, except maybe to show that something they own still goes off with a bang. To Chief Forsyth I say, “you have shown integrity, honor and respect for a family member’s life with your actions….BRAVO”. Good thing that puke lives in Illinois and not in Texas. In the great state of Texas if Barney Fife had come up to my property and shot my dog in my yard I would have every right to blow his shit away where he stood. Believe me, if he shot my 12 year old best friend, I’d empty the clip on the bastard.

  4. Avatar Of Rev. Col. K.d. Frazier

    Rev. Col. K.D. Frazier


    I think the Chief of Police was ever so correct in firing the police officer who shot the dog on it’s own property .
    Now; we can only pray that this cop is prosecuted for “Animal Cruelty” …. hopefully he will get two or three years behind bars ….
    There has been an onslaught of cops killing and murdering family pets lately and it needs to STOP …
    IF every time we hear of outrageous behavior from a law enforcement officer , like this … we need to e-mail or call the local Chief of Police or the Sheriff …. we need to contact the Governor’s Office …. and contact every newspaper and tv station in the area …. if and when enough people get tired of this brutality ; then they will begin being prosecuted and it will STOP …..

  5. Avatar Of Liz Liz says:

    How is it that our firefighters save lives of our precious pets, but our officers who are there to uphold the law seem to do just the opposite. I really feel for this family and the little girl should have never witnessed such a horrible act. I pray for her to find peace and the Lord to watch over her. So sorry for your loss.

  6. Avatar Of Corey Corey says:

    This type of animal killing is by far getting out of hand. I commend the Chief of Police for his quick action and decision in firing the police officer. More officers should be held accountable for their poor decision making. There should be more training involved for officers in the respect of handling animals.

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