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Police Rescue Dog Hanging from Truck in Walmart Parking Lot

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Arkansas City, Kansas police responding to a shoplifting call at a local Walmart came to the rescue after an employee noticed a small dog hanging by his leash from a truck in the store’s parking lot.

The dog’s owner had left the small dog inside the parked car with the windows rolled down, but leashed the dog to prevent him from escaping. Apparently, the dog had tried to jump out of the window and essentially hung himself by his collar and leash.

Sergeant Jason Legleiter used his patrol duty knife to cut the dog free and, along with Officer Wade Hammond, began attempts to revive the unresponsive dog.

They removed his collar and immediately began performing chest compressions. After several minutes, the dog began to slowly show signs of life. The officers kept tending to him until he appeared to fully recover and was able to stand and drink water on his own.

Arkansas City police say it will be up to the prosecutor to decide if charges will be filed, and so some facts to the case cannot be released.

Once again, let this serve as a reminder to leave your dogs at home if they cannot join you where you’re going. Leaving a dog unattended in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down, is dangerous – in addition to heat exhaustion, dogs are at risk of escaping or being strangled like this lucky-to-be-alive dog.

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  1. Avatar Of Norma Sapp

    Norma Sapp


    Oh Yes! Make another law! That will make people stop being stupid!

  2. Avatar Of Roxanne



    These things continue to happen because people are idiots. And the cops responded to a shoplifting call and the cop happen to see the dog hanging…I’d do the same thing to the owner of the dog and hang him…lets see if he likes it….what a moron…LEAVE YOUR PET AT HOME….they don’t want to sit in the car while you shop….

    • Avatar Of Christine Eustaquio

      Christine Eustaquio


      These thoughtless idiots should be taught that pets are much safer at home, inside the house.

  3. Avatar Of Cindie Victor

    Cindie Victor


    Until we start bombarding our elected officials and try to get the laws changed for stiffer penalties against animal abuse, it’s never going to stop. Unfortunately, people think of animals as mere possessions. I think these people should (at the very least) do prison time, and never be allowed to own another animal.

  4. Avatar Of M



    So the store employee could not have engaged his brain – let the dog down – then got help????????? SMH

  5. Avatar Of Rhonda



    Why didn’t the Walmart employee at least cut the dog down instead of leaving it to hang and almost die? A picture could have been taken with their phone for evidence.

  6. Avatar Of Lauren



    UNBELIEVABLE…….why does this continue to happen???!!!!! obviously we need stricter penalties …. NOW …. not in 5 years!! TOTAL ACCOUNTABILITY … Clearly these fools that neglect these animals need to wake up and pay attention… be responsible…. DO THE RIGHT THING

  7. Avatar Of Mary



    PRESS CHARGES! This won’t change until there are serious consequences for the idiots who do stuff like this.

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