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The Profound Impact One Dog Had on A Woman Who Lost Her Eyesight

When a single mother awoke from a nap to total darkness and the terrifying realization that she was blind, her world was, in an instant, turned on its side. Until one very special guide dog changed everything.

guide dog

As a part of the Pedigree Learn from Dogs film series, “Dark to Light” tells the true story of Liz Oleksa, a single mother struggling to raise her son while her eyesight deteriorates. When she does go blind, she thinks her life is over.

Simple tasks- cooking, cleaning, crossing the street, and caring for her son – became impossible and overwhelming. She couldn’t imagine how life could go on.

And then she met a very special dog.

Her guide dog, Brice, changed her life, helped her regain independence, confidence and pride.

Watch the profoundly powerful video right here:

This film doesn’t just tell Liz’s story, it forces viewers to experience her world. A second version of this film uses DVS (descriptive video services) to ensure that those with impaired vision can experience the film as well.

This moving story is just one installment in the PEDIGREE® global FEED THE GOOD™ campaign created by BBDO, based on the simple insight that dogs and people benefit each other. Since the campaign launched in 2015, PEDIGREE® has created impactful content sharing the stories of dogs and humans helping each other and sparking conversation about the positive effect dogs have on people.




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