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Amazing! Dog Pulls Owner 20′ to Phone after Debilitating Injury

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A McKinney, Texas woman had just finished putting away her dog’s food when she slipped and fell, landing hard on her hip and fracturing her pelvis. Unable to move, Janet Wilhelm was on the floor of the garage, with only her dog, Mabel, a black Lab who she and her husband had rescued three years prior, by her side.

Desperate, in excrutiating pain, and unable to move, she reached for Mabel’s collar.

“I grabbed her collar and she started backing up towards the house,” she explained to USA Today. “I was like ‘What is she doing? She’s trying to get away from me,’ I thought.”

In fact, Mabel wasn’t trying to get away, she was trying to pull Janet inside the home.

After about an hour-and-a-half of pulling, Mabel managed to drag Janet 20-feet from the floor of the garage, into the home, where her cell phone was tucked inside her purse on a chair.

Had Mabel not been with her, Janet would have been stranded alone on the garage floor for at least 8-hours, waiting for her husband to return home from work.

It’s a beautiful tale of the rescued becoming the rescuer and the amazing lengths to which dogs will go to protect and save the ones they love.

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