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Pumi is a renowned terrier-type breed of dog that originated in Hungary. It belongs to the miscellaneous breed group under the herding designation. Pumis were initially bred as herding dogs, but have eventually used for the purpose of dog dancing, dog agility, obedience, and even for detection or search and rescue activities. Pumis have curly and thick coats that normally come in white, black, or yellow-brown colors.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Pumi breed usually stand 16 – 19 in as measured at the withers, and weigh 22 – 33 lbs. Bitches, on the other hand, commonly have a height of 14 – 17 in at the withers, and a weight of 18 – 29 lbs.



More often than not, Pumis tend to become extremely protective of their family. Proper socialization needs to start early since they are usually somewhat reserved toward strangers. Nonetheless, the Pumi is generally a sweet, lively and very active miscellaneous breed of dog. Though considered to be intelligent, they bark very easily. In addition to that, Pumis are easy to train.


The medium-length elegant coat of Pumis can be easily maintained by combing it every week. After combing their thick curls, they are then bathed and left to dry on their own. Brushing their hair or blowing it dry is not advisable to keep their curly locks firm. Although Pumis do not shed, their hair still needs to be trimmed or plucked every 2 to 4 months in order to maintain their tidy appearance.

Health Concerns

Although Pumis can suffer from health problems such as canine hip dysplasia and patella luxation, they are considered to be a healthy breed. They can live for as long as 12 to 14 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Pumi breed are generally friendly with children. As long as they do not badger the Pumi pet, they will not be harmed. Moreover, living with the Pumis in a farm is ideal since a considerable amount of exercise is quite necessary to keep them fit and healthy. Activities such as chasing Frisbees, playing catch, and some agility skill activities will make them happy. Apartment-living is not advisable because this particular breed of dog loves to guard and run around the yard. Pumis, however, are capable of dwelling indoors or outdoors in almost any kind of climate.

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