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Puppies For Rent: Helpful or Harmful?

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A Utah college student has started a strange new business – renting puppies. Jenna Miller says that many students, who aren’t allowed to have pets in student housing facilities, miss out on important animal interaction. Her solution was to rescue puppies that would otherwise be sitting in cages in shelters, and rent them out to college students, families, or basically anyone that wants hands-on play time with a puppy, without the responsibility of pet ownership. Miller rents her puppies for $15/hour or $25 for 2 hours – and people are lining up to take a turn!

But, not everyone agrees that passing a puppy from home to home at such a young age is a good thing. Animal behaviorists explain that the puppies will not learn to bond with a single family, and thus, will become too independent and much harder to train.

However, Miller’s ultimate goal is to find loving homes for each puppy. In fact, of the 11 puppies she’s rented out, all 11 have been adopted by her clients.

Check out this special report from Good Morning America and ABC News. What do you think about renting puppies? Is it helpful or harmful?

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  1. Avatar Of Jennifer



    What about being concerned with how the dog is going to handle being passed around! How is the dog going to learn? How is the dog going to bond and trust if he/she is just a “rental”? If people are looking for a non-committal way to enjoy the company of a dog, go to your local shelter and volunteer. There are too many dogs in our society that are tossed aside because people just don’t have the time. This is another way to perpetuate the problem. Either you own a dog or you don’t.

  2. Avatar Of Cali Davy

    Cali Davy


    I think it’s an excellent idea. The fact that most people will agree to “non-commitment” and therefore be more open to playing with the puppy; and THEN fall in love with the puppy and adopt in on the spot is awesome. It gives the “renter” an opportunity to get to know the potential owner before thrusting the puppy into a new and unknown home. Also, there are many many people who have severe disabilities, live in group homes, are depressed, or otherwise incapable of long term care of a dog. And yet they’re lonely. To rent a dog gives anyone a chance to give and receive love and affection.

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