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Rabbit Hash, Kentucky Elects Pit Bull as Mayor

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For the fourth time in the tiny town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, citizens elected a dog as their mayor. But, for the first time ever, a Pit Bull has been put in charge.

Rabbit Hash

A three-year-old Pit Bull named Brynneth Pawltro, or “Brynn” for short, was up against a chicken, a donkey and a little boy in this year’s mayoral election in the tiny town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Every town needs a mayor, someone to make those “ruff” decisions. And, for the citizens of Rabbit Hash, Brynn was their top choice for her winning smile and happy, outgoing personality.

Of course, as with any political election, Brynn wasn’t immune to criticism.

There’s always inappropriate licking going on,” Rabbit Hash resident Bobbi Kayser told WDRB.

For the fun-loving tiny town on the banks of the Ohio River, electing a dog is nothing new. Brynneth is actually the 4th canine to take the top honor.

Mayor Goofy Borneman was the first elected mayor of Rabbit Hash in the late 1990’s. Despite being a bit of a troublemaker in his youth, lounging in the streets and poaching the town chickens, Goofy was elected Mayor when local residents simply became fed up with human politics.

Junior, a black Labrador, became the 2nd Mayor of Rabbit Hash after Goofy passed away, but not before starting a long legacy of canine mayors. Following Junior’s reign as Mayor, the town elected Lucy Lou, a red & white Border Collie that continued to bust through glass ceilings when she became the first female Mayor of Rabbit Hash.

It remains to be seen if Brynneth has what it takes to lead the tiny town, or if she’ll run again when her term is up. “We’ll see what politics does to her for the next four years,” Brynn’s human Jordie Bamforth said.

Whatever happens, Bamforth hopes Brynneth’s lasting legacy is a positive outlook on Pit Bulls.

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