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‘Real Housewives’ Star Launches Pink Dog Food, Gets Scathing Reviews

‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ star Kameron Westcott is taking heat from dog lovers after launching a pink dog food line targeted to female pet parents.

pink dog food

For stars of the “Real Housewives” franchises, using their celebrity to sell products is nothing new. Between clothing lines, makeup, skincare, handbags, jewelry, and pet supplies including collars, leashes, and toys, there’s no shortage of products being peddled to fans of the hit series.

But, for the first time, one ‘Real Housewife’ is facing major backlash from dog lovers after launching her self-proclaimed “groundbreaking” idea – pink dog food.

‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ star, Kameron Westcott says she was inspired to launch SparkleDog, described as a premium grain & gluten free dog food, after noticing that dog food brands were not marketed to women, the primary buyer of the products.

pink dog foodTo target women, Westcott designed bold pink packaging, a unique, easy-to-carry bag, and – most questionable – a chicken-based dry food mixed with bubblegum-pink heart-shaped kibble.

The pink dog food is made in Texas by family-owned manufacturer, TFP Nutrition, and is formulated to meet AAFCO requirements for a dog’s nutritional needs.

But, upon closer inspection, the ingredient label – which isn’t so spectacular when compared with other premium brands, uses the controversial Red Dye #3 to create that bubblegum-pink color that’s making the dog food famous.

Veterinarian Dr. Cindy Bressler told Page Six, “In general, food dye is not great for animals, just like it’s not [great] for people. It can cause, in some cases, allergies, hypersensitivity and skin problems.”

Bottom line, the pink dog food is little more than a gimmick. Although the company has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and committed to donating at least $10,000 to the foundation that supports women and families affected by breast cancer, it does little to address the growing concerns of cancer in dogs, a problem compounded by the feeding of dry kibble diets loaded with artificial coloring.

Perhaps most telling are the scathing reviews the product has already received on Amazon.

“Disgusting and stains- stay away! This food is gross and will stain your carpets and everything your dog comes into contact with. Please also note that most of the positive reviews are not verified purchases. Don’t buy product. Gross concept, gross food.”

“Mediocre food with dues for a high price. Certainly not worth it. Do your dog a favor and do some research on proper diet, he will thank you.”

“I really hate to give this even one star. It doesn’t deserve it. I love the RHOD and was excited to try this product! My dogs are my babies. I love them more than most people. I’m willing to spend whatever it costs to keep them happy and healthy. However, spending this much on a “Natural” dog food is a joke. It’s not all natural. My dogs have severe food allergies to any processed food or additives. It only took about 10 minutes after eating this that both my dogs were itching, had hives, and both got diarrhea. Please don’t feed this to your dogs!!!”

“This product is NOT “all natural.” It contains Red#3 — a synthetic coal tar dye that is considered a carcinogen. Possible health effects are breast cancer, thyroid tumors, hyperactivity in children, and allergic reactions.”

Still, despite negative reviews, Kameron stands by her product, saying the reviews are coming from “Twitter trolls” and “hired sabotagers from other jealous brands and people” citing third-party testing that proved 20 dogs offered the food ate all or most of it.

Hey everyone, first thank you to everyone who has bought SparkleDog the demand has been insane!! But I want to address some unwarranted negative reviews out there from twitter trolls and potentially hired sabotagers from other jealous brands and people. Our dog food is amazing and we even took it to a third party to test it and the results were off the charts good and none of the dogs had any issues. So I encourage you to not listen to the paid haters and see for yourself and please write a positive review on Amazon for us and post a pic of your fur baby on @sparkledogfood. Posted here are our test results to prove those uneducated false reviewing twitter trolls! #alwaysaskforthefacts #RHOD #realhousewivesofdallas #bravotv

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As dog owners, it’s our responsibility to research and feed a diet that is nutritionally appropriate for their individual and specific needs, not choose a food based on fancy packaging or gimmicky pink heart-shaped kibble.

For more information about choosing an appropriate food for your dog, check out this Guide to Understanding Dog Food Ingredients.




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