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Real Life Idiotic Reasons People Have Abandoned Their Dogs


There are a few unavoidable and unfortunate circumstances that result in people having no choice but to rehome or surrender their dogs.

Sadly, a vast majority of excuses are shameful, ridiculous, or downright idiotic.


A dog is a part of the family, to be loved and cherished every day of his or her life. A dog is not a toy to be played with a few times and then tossed when it’s not fresh and new anymore.

These are just a few of the ridiculous real-life reasons people have abandoned their dogs.

“I don’t like the way he looks at me.”
A woman surrendered her 4-month old Pit Bull puppy to a shelter because she felt uncomfortable with the way he was staring at her. He had never growled, bitten, or otherwise shown any signs of aggression.

“He sheds too much.”
When a Golden Retriever mix was surendered due to his excessive shedding, shelter workers found that he was covered in scars and nicks from being constantly shaved. The dog was, as a result, very frightened of clippers and feared being groomed.

“The dog doesn’t match the new carpeting.”
A family recarpeted their home and then dumped their dog because the fur she was shedding stood out too much against the color of the carpet.

“He’s old and no fun anymore. I want a puppy instead.”
When a senior dog was left at a shelter, his previous owners explained that the dog was too old and too slow. They wanted to trade him in for a newer, younger model.

“She keeps peeing in the house and not on the puppy pads.”
This dog did not have any medical issues that caused her to urinate indoors. She simply lacked training. Her owner assumed that all she needed to do was put down a puppy pad and the dog would never have another accident again and would magically begin to “go” outdoors. Within just a few weeks at her new home, with proper training she was going potty outdoors.

“He won’t stay out of the trash.”
A majority of owner surrender cases are behavioral, and most of those due to lack of training. This dog owner didn’t bother to both train his dog, or to put the trash where he couldn’t reach it.

“Her hair keeps getting knotted and I can’t afford to go to the groomer every week.”
When this family went looking for a new puppy, they picked the adorable Pomeranian puppy at their local pet store. They chose the dog based solely on her looks, not once taking the time to learn more about her breed and what health, lifestyle, and grooming requirements would need to be met.

“He’s sick and I can’t afford to go to the vet.”
A sick little Lab-mix was surrendered to the shelter where he was treated and quickly recovered. His treatment would have been an inexpensive veterinary visit and a round of antibiotics, many of which are filled for free at certain pharmacies. His owner had never bothered to even make a phone call and did not have a primary veterinarian. It’s not known whether he’d ever received any vaccinations.

“Now that he’s not a puppy, he’s not as cute.”
This dog was only about a year old when he was surrendered. His owners had kept him through the adorable puppy stage and when he began to look like an adult dog, dumped him.

“My new boyfriend doesn’t like him.”
Wonder if the new boyfriend is as loyal, loving, and committed to her as her dog was before she abandoned him.

“I don’t want a gay dog.”
A man surrendered his Bulldog mix because, as he claimed, the dog was gay and wouldn’t stop humping other male dogs. Upon surrender, he requested the dog be euthanized. The shelter did not euthanize the dog and he was placed in a loving home with a human that understands dog behavior.

The list of absurd excuses can go on forever and will continue to grow until people realize that dogs are a lifetime commitment.

What are some of the most idiotic excuses you’ve heard for dumping a dog?




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