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RECALL ALERT: Cocolicious Dog Food Found to Contain Euthanasia Drug Pentobarbital

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Recall Alert

Party Animal, Inc. of West Hollywood, California has voluntarily recalled two lots of their Cocolicious canned dog food following testing that revealed the presence of the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital.

Earlier this month, a Texas dog became ill after eating Cocolicious canned food. Aware of recent recalls involving Evanger’s and Against the Grain dog foods manufactured at the same facility as Party Animal’s Cocolicious brand, the consumer sent remaining cans to a laboratory for independent testing for the drug. Test results were positive for pentobarbital, a barbiturate commonly known as the euthanasia drug.

The dog recovered from his illness and is now doing well. However, the test results prompted Party Animal to immediately recall two lots of their canned Cocolicious dog food.

Recalled products include:
Cocolicious Beef & Turkey – Lot #0136E15204 04
Cocolicious Chicken & Beef – Lot #0134E15 237 13

Cocolicious Canned Dog Food Found To Contain Euthanasia Drug Pentobarbital

Party Animal Pet Foods released the following statement to consumers regarding the findings:

The safety of pets is and always will be our first priority. We sincerely regret the reports of the discomfort experienced by the pet who consumed this food. As pet parents ourselves, we take this matter seriously. On April 13, a retailer in Texas notified us that their customer had presented samples of our Cocolicious Beef & Turkey Lot
#0136E15204 04 and Cocolicious Chicken & Beef Lot #0134E15 237 13 to a testing lab, and that the results had tested positive for pentobarbital. We have requested those results.

When we were notified, we immediately tracked the lot numbers of the food in question and determined that the food had been manufactured and distributed in 2015. We then contacted the two probable retailers that had sold the customer the food and asked them to isolate all remaining cans from these lots.

We also requested that the retailers send all of the cans from those lots to us so that we can forward them on to an accredited independent laboratory for independent testing. We expect to receive the receive the results in 7 to 10 days. We first saw the formal report from the lab at Texas A&M regarding the customer’s samples, today, April 17.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are retrieving the remainder of these two lots nationwide. We are working with our distributors and retailers to determine if any additional beef-flavored products manufactured during this 2015 production period remain on shelves and, if so, to retrieve them from shelves, immediately, as well.

Party Animal wishes to emphasize that we have submitted many recent lots of our beef flavors for testing and all have tested negative for any pentobarbital. We have also had extensive discussions with our manufacturer regarding the potential cause of the reported contamination of the 2015 lots, and we will continue with such discussions even as we await testing results for the 2015 lots. In order to ensure adherence to our commitment to the safety of pets, we are also actively re-examining our manufacturing processes.

Anyone feeding their dog a Cocolicious canned food containing beef, especially manufactured under the lot numbers listed above, should discontinue immediately and contact Party Animal, Inc. toll free at (855) 727-8926 for more information.

Ingestion of the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital can lead to serious illness and/or death.

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