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Recall Alert: Waggin’ Train & Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Jerky Treats

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VICTORY!! After years of warning dog owners about the potential dangers associated with chicken jerky treats imported from China, a contaminant has been found! The chicken used to make these treats has now been found to contain an antibiotic residue that poses a health risk to our pets.

After nearly 400 dog deaths, thousands sick, and over 5 years of begging manufacturer’s to stop importing chicken jerky treats from China, Purina has recalled the two most popular and widely distributed brands of chicken jerky treats on the market today: Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch.

From the Waggin Train website:


Nestlé Purina PetCare Company to voluntarily withdraw Waggin’ Train®
and Canyon Creek Ranch® brand dog treat products

St. Louis, Missouri, January 9, 2013 . . . Nestlé Purina PetCare Company and its wholly owned subsidiary Waggin’ Train, LLC today announced it is voluntarily withdrawing its Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treats sold in the United States until further notice.

The Company is taking this action after learning this week that the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets (NYSDAM) found trace amounts of antibiotic residue in samples of Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky products. These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and other major countries, including European Union member states, but are not among those approved in the U.S. Antibiotics are commonly used globally, including in the United States, when raising animals fit for human consumption. Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch products are safe to feed as directed. However, due to regulatory inconsistencies among countries, the presence of antibiotic residue is technically considered an adulteration in the United States. This finding does not pose a safety risk to pets.


New York State authorities initially requested that the Company remove Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch chicken jerky treats from retail locations in the state of New York, which we have agreed to do. In addition, because of the differences in U.S. and Chinese regulations, Nestlé Purina decided to conduct a nationwide voluntary withdrawal.

“All of us at Waggin’ Train care deeply about pets and their owners, and the quality of our products is of the utmost importance,” said Nina Leigh Krueger, President, Waggin’ Train LLC. “Waggin’ Train has served millions of pets and their owners very well. In the final analysis, our Company and our loyal consumers must have total confidence in the products we sell and feed our pets. Once we understand and determine how to comply with the technicalities of different regulatory frameworks, we will work with all appropriate parties to define the best way to supply the market.”

Nestlé Purina contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding NYSDAM’s findings. There is no indication that the trace amounts of antibiotic residue are linked to the FDA’s ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products. The trace amounts of antibiotic residue (in the parts-per-billion range) do not pose a health or pet safety risk.

No other Purina treats or pet food products are affected by this withdrawal. In addition, Canyon Creek Ranch dog and cat foods, which are manufactured in the United States, are not included in this withdrawal.

For product refund or more information call our Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-982-0704 or go to www.waggintrainbrand.com

It is our sincere hope and expectation that other brands importing chicken jerky treats from China will follow suit and recall their products as well.

Congratulations to pet owners around the nation – together with you, our diligence and dedication to having these products removed from store shelves has finally been successful!

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  1. Avatar Of Nancy



    What about the Canyon Creek Duck Tenders?

    • Avatar Of Tracey Bagatta

      Tracey Bagatta



    • Avatar Of Wendy



      I stopped buying any treats made in china almost a year ago. but my husband continued to buy the Canyon Creek duck jerly because our dog loved them. We have been nursing him back to health for nearly 2 weeks. The vet can find no specific cause, we all suspect the duck jerky. My other dogs (who did not eat the jerky) are well.
      Our dog had severe vomiting and listnessness. His liver enzymes were off the charts.

  2. Avatar Of Dave Greaves

    Dave Greaves


    We have all seen the “CSI” TV shows and various Science shows.. With hundreds of pet dogs dead and countless more sick you would think SOMEONE could at least figure out what in common they all have had happen to them. Trace ammount of antibiotics ? compared to how much “approved” antibiotics ? Bravo for the company recalling these products (which Im not sure they are not doing just to save face)… But what we really need, is facts. It is pretty clear Chinese ingredients play some roll in this danger, but can’t we do better then that ??? I have a friend who had a dog die from this, years ago now and she still has no idea what exactly was in those chinese products that made her dog get sick and then die… No one wants to point at this or that one thing, and this silence is not acceptable for such a large spread issue.. It’s time for someone to leak some lab work out to the rest of us.. There must be a list of suspected things that could be causing these problems… Everyone I know does the best they can do to never use pet food/treats from China (which is not always very easy to gleem from packaging!) If nothing else, at least mark where ingredients are from on bags clearly… not just where a companies office in the USA is located….

  3. Avatar Of David Phillips

    David Phillips


    My dog, a female Siberian Husky has been eating the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky for her entire eight years of life, as a matter of fact it’s one of her favorites. As long as you follow direction on the package, and serving sugestions for your dogs size there is no problem. This is much ado about nothing.

    • Avatar Of Tracey Bagatta

      Tracey Bagatta


      I am very much aware that not all of the treats are equally harmful – if that were the case, dogs would be dropping dead by the thousands. However, your statement is incorrect. I have 3 dogs. all over 55lbs. Only 2 dogs recd. the chicken tenders – 1 did not for dietary reasons. All other items in their diets were consistent between the 3. These 2 dogs were given a single treat per day – which is substantially less than the 4-5 per day listed in the feeding guidelines. These 2 dogs were suddenly struck with intestinal distress, permanent liver damage and one dog went on to to pancreatitis and full blown IBD. These are all well documented symptoms from affected, surviving dogs – most of the dogs that died either suffered kidney failure or did not survive the pancreatitis. There is also well documented cases of dogs within the same households who were not visibly ill but had the same elevated liver enzymes. All of these cases – well over 2300 – have one common denominator – jerky treats IMPORTED FROM CHINA.
      This is NOT much ado about nothing. This is a potentially lethal product. Who knows which bag, which treat will be THE one…. when you have the option, the CHOICE to not put your dog in danger, why would you? All you have to do is buy a different product. Your attitude is just a toxic as these treats.You should consider the consequences.

  4. While this is a long over due recall it’s no victory. Victory will only come when blame for the hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses is accepted (or proven in court) by Nestle Purina, Del Monte, et al.
    s going to be a little song and dance, some fancy foot work and perhaps a changeof venue and then sales will resume. I would not be surprised if this were all planned – conspiracy and all.

  5. Avatar Of Lise Hartill



    Why are these treats being allowed to be sold and harm our dear family members, this must stop immediately!
    please stop this right away
    Lise Hartill

  6. Avatar Of Shirley Arnold

    Shirley Arnold


    My husband wanted to get our beagle Kahlua some treats to open for Christmas and I was with him and told him no matter what treat it is make sure that it is no manufactured in CHINA. He said why, I said because fact is they don’t always put good ingredients in them and I don’t want our dog getting sick over something so easy to correct. She is 6 years old and I want her around for as long as possible and no sense in be careless with that type of food.

    Thanks Brandy for your persistence!

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