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It’s Hot! Treat Your Dog to Some Homemade Dog-Safe Ice Cream

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Who doesn’t love ice cream on a sunny day? Dogs generally find frozen treats irresistible. Because human ice creams can contain harmful ingredients and doggie ice creams are often pricy, why not prepare homemade versions of these frozen delights keep your dog cool and happy!

Ice Cream

Use yogurt with active cultures instead of dairy products and avoid any products that include artificial sweeteners, like xylitol.

With these healthy, mouth-watering treats, your dog is sure to plant a big, wet, cold-tongued kiss on your cheek!

Drool-worthy Ice Cream Recipes for Dogs

Strawberry Ice Cream


· 1 small tub of fresh strawberries
· 3 or 4 cups of low/non-fat, plain yogurt


1. Mash the strawberries using a potato masher.
2. Mix strawberry mash with yogurt and then freeze overnight.

Carob Chip Ice Cream


· 2 six-ounce containers of low/non-fat, plain yogurt
· 1/3 cup of carob chips
· 1 tbsp. of honey


1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until well-combined.
2. Pour them into cupcake liners or ice cube trays.
3. Freeze until solid.

Ice Cream Cloud Nine


· 1 ripe banana
· 1 cup of peanut butter
· 2 cups of natural plain yogurt
· 2 tbsps. of honey


1. Mash the banana and then stir it into the natural yogurt.
2. Warm the cup of peanut butter using a microwave or stove until it’s easy to stir.
3. Add the banana and yogurt mixture and the honey to the softened peanut butter.
4. Mix all ingredients until well-combined.
5. Pour the mixture into a non-stick container and then freeze overnight.

Take treating your dog a step further by turning it into an ice cream sundae party!

Ice Cream Topping Safe to Use

· A spoonful of applesauce
· Some dribbles of honey
· Bits of crispy bacon
· A sprinkle of rice crispies
· Dashes of toasted sesame seeds

Feel free to experiment with flavors and dog-safe ingredients to create a sweet treat your dog will beg for this summer!

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  1. Avatar Of Lilah Hughes Lilah Hughes says:

    It means the world to us to hear such positive feedback on our blog posts. We strive to create valuable content for our readers and it’s always encouraging to hear that it’s making an impact.

  2. Avatar Of Cristiano D. Parsons

    Cristiano D. Parsons


    Your blog post had me hooked from the first sentence.

  3. Avatar Of Jameson Alexis Hezekiah Livingston

    Jameson Alexis Hezekiah Livingston


    This blog post hit all the right notes!

  4. Very well presented. Every quote was awesome and thanks for sharing the content. Keep sharing and keep motivating others.

  5. […] Alexander’s morning starts with milk. He loves biscuits & pedigree. His dinner is usually boiled eggs and chicken with soup. And, occasionally, we get him pet-icecream. […]

  6. […] To make this DIY recipe, you will need fresh strawberries and a low fat/nonfat plain flavored yogurt according to The Dogington Post. […]

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  8. Avatar Of Kerrie



    I use coconut milk, cream when I make ice cream for my kids. You can grind up sesame seeds instead of peanuts, it tastes like peanut butter and I also like to add any nutritional ingredients that they might need that either don’t effect the taste to much or improves the flavor.

  9. […] The Dogington Post posted a few pet friendly recipes for warm days. One easy-to-make example is a sugar-free, pet-friendly strawberry-yogurt “ice cream” that any child-with or without royal connections-could easy make and share with their cherished […]

  10. Avatar Of Ste



    “Use yogurt with active cultures instead of dairy products”… what do you think yogurt is if not dairy??

    May also be worth reading this in regards to dairy and dogs, you “may” be ok, you “may” be causing distress for your dog for no reason other than you like ice cream: dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-feeding-tips/dogs-milk-dairy-products

    Safer options would just be an ice cube, or frozen sweet potato (which is actually safe, nutritious and can help with an upset stomach in your dog and they seem to love it!).

    • Avatar Of Gosh



      That is exactly why the yogurt is live and active culture. The probiotics produce lactase which breaks down lactose for easy digestion.

  11. Avatar Of Sara Columbus

    Sara Columbus


    I will be serving this at a puppy party this weekend is this safe to feed other dogs.
    Does the dogs breed and age have any effects.

  12. Avatar Of Jasmine



    One thing to mention for the peanut butter recipe is that brands have been starting to put Xylitol in their peanut butter, which is harmful for dogs. Be very careful about the brand you choose. Look at the ingredients in your peanut butter, before putting it into the ice cream.

    • Avatar Of Lynda Skinner

      Lynda Skinner


      Absolutely correct Jasmine! There are SO many dgs who can be badly affected by Peanut Butter – and quite a number have died. I just won’t take the risk!

      • Avatar Of Josie



        I think this post should contain a warning regarding the harmful sweetener which can be found in some brands of peanut butter, as someone could read this who is unaware and potentially poison their dog fatally

  13. Avatar Of Mona mona says:

    How yoll make it

  14. Avatar Of Helen Buchanan

    helen buchanan


    My dog baby(winston) loves to snack on strawberries with me in the summer
    plus he loves plain yogert for treat. I can’t wait to make him the ice cream.

  15. Avatar Of Leslie Wine

    Leslie wine


    one of my dogs love bannanas

  16. Avatar Of Caninecare caninecare says:

    peanut butter should always be ORGANIC as it’s loaded with pesticides. Also always sugar and salt free. Some dogs can’t handle cows milk and do better with goats milk. Some can’t do dairy at all. Easy treats are baking some sweet potatos, slice them, freeze in slices (on wax paper) when frozen put in a plastic freezer bag. Frozen sweet potato disks can be an inexpensive healthy treat all year round.

  17. Avatar Of Cecilia



    I made my dog the peanut butter honey one today, and would love to see a recipe that used canned pumpkin or pineapple, I have used them in the past to get my dog to stop eating poo and he really seemed to enjoy both flavors. 🙂 I think I might give it a try, thanks 🙂

  18. Avatar Of Micah



    Is strawberry Greek yogurt ok?

  19. Avatar Of Melissa



    Does it freeze like icecream or like ice cubes? I was thinking of putting it n a ice cube tray but not if its a soft freeze.

    • Avatar Of Jenny



      We make the cloud nine version all the time. It is harder than ice cream. We tend to put it in paper cups and microwave the “ice cream” for 30 secs before giving it to our dog otherwise it is 2 icy. It does work well in the ice cube trays and comes out pretty easy.

  20. I like to blend a 2 tbsps peanut butter and a two strips of crispy bacon crumbled in the kitchen machine with about a i/2 gallon of water and pour that in ice cube trays. My dogs think they’ve died and gone to heaven every time they get an ice cube.

  21. Avatar Of Linda



    Is peaches okay for dogs to eat? We have a peach tree and love to make peach ice cream.

  22. Avatar Of Pat Gallant

    Pat Gallant


    I thought bananas were/are not good for dogs. Would love to try the recipe with bananas but because my dogs are so small (just over 3 lbs.) I’m very afraid to. Are bananas safe?

    • Avatar Of Allison



      Bananas are perfectly safe for them although anything that is citrus (including grapes) is not and will eventually cause kidney failure if eaten. In small dogs, only give them one scoop of the ice cream.

  23. Avatar Of Lynia Lynia says:

    I can’t wait to try this. My dogs love ice cubes and ice cream, and this is a great way to treat them safely. I might try it with soy yoghurt, to avoid the dairy altogether.

    • Avatar Of Melissa



      Be caseful with soy, like wheat, it can be a huge allergen in dogs.

      I use plain, low fat yogurt for their ice cream, but if your pup has dairy sensitivity and no history of soy allergies, it’s worth a try. Good luck.

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