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Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Footprint

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We all know one of the mantras of green living is “recycle,” and that applies to our dogs’ toys as well. A second key word in the “green” lexicon is “organic.” Who doesn’t love an organic cotton tee? But are you aware of dog collars and toys made with organic cotton? I wasn’t. Thanks to Whole Foods for sharing these recycle and organic tips… as well as the “ick” tip that helps you reduce your dog’s carbon footprint.

With more than 78 million dogs it’s no surprise that our animal companions create their own carbon “paw print.” Or rather, we create it for them – through the animal waste we don’t pick up, through the plastic toys that fester in landfills, through chemically harsh pet shampoos and – STOP!

Think (and google) “homemade pet toys.” When buying new items, look for some of these terms: recycled material, recyclable, 100% biodegradable, compostable, post-industrial recycled plastic. Or, shop for brands that do the work for you. Sold at select Whole Foods Markets, Planet Dog’s Recycle “bones” and balls are made from Orbee-Tuff material, which means they last longer than your typical plastic toys, creating less waste and less of a burden on your wallet in the long run. Best of all, these non-toxic, recyclable toys are made in the US and are easy to clean, with 2% of every purchase going toward non-profit canine service programs nationwide.

Be all about “organic
Our stores offer a variety of organic pet products, including organic cotton collars and Good Buddy’s handmade, dye-free plush toys. I also love Simply Fido Organic Plush Toys, which come in a variety of cute critters.

Scoop that poop
If you can get past the “ick” factor, flushing your dog poop ensures bacteria will get killed at the wastewater treatment plant.

Learn more from Whole Foods about reducing your dog’s carbon footprint, including recycled toys, organic dog products and, yes, even flushing the poop. What are you doing to reduce your dog’s carbon footprint?

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