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Retired Racing Greyhound is Rescued, Becomes the Rescuer

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It must have been fate that brought a central Indiana family and a rescued Greyhound together. Just two months after adopting Clobberhead, he became his forever family’s biggest hero.

In a classic tale of the rescued becoming the rescuer, “Clobber” the Greyhound is credited with potentially saving multiple lives by alerting his new family to a gas leak that otherwise would have destroyed his new home and several surrounding it.

Just two months after adopting Clobber from a local Greyhound Pets of America chapter, Erin Cramer was spending the day at home, sick, when her dog began acting strangely. He just kept standing there with his nose pressed against the wall. Perplexed, Cramer took Clobber outside, but the rescued dog insisted on going back in.

“He pulled me back in the house, literally, and the minute I took the leash off he raced back up the stairs,” Cramer told Fox59.

Confused, Cramer followed her dog. That’s when she discovered a serious problem in the laundry room.

“A wall of gas just came pouring out,” Cramer said.

The Cramer’s water heater was leaking, filling the room with natural gas. She immediately called a plumber who noted the heater was also emitting sparks. If a spark had ignited the gas, the plumber told her, it would have created an explosion powerful enough to destroy, not only her home, but several surrounding homes as well.

Clobber was rescued from a Florida Greyhound race track. The Cramers hope that this story will inspire others to rescue former facing Greyhounds just like Clobber.

They’re very intuitive. They’re very sensitive dogs,” explained Marilyn Hamilton, president of the Indianapolis chapter of Greyhound Pets of America.

For more information about Greyhounds or to adopt a retired racing dog, visit Greyhound Pets of America.

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    Dogs can’t smell

    • Avatar Of Denaire



      To person who wrote that dogs can’t smell. It is sad that you show your ignorance nationally, while Bloodhounds are the best at following a scent (smell), Greyhounds are known for their sight (sighthounds), but they do have an above average sense of smell. Please do your research, Jockopfw.

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    Good nose and dog. Lots of treats coming your way

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