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RI Woman Jailed After Leaving Dog in Hot Car

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Keisha Davis, 20, was charged with unnecessary cruelty to an animal and animal neglect after her dog was found in a 100-degree car Sunday, July 28, 2013. (Photo from Woonsocket Police)

A Rhode Island woman is sitting in jail and facing charges of animal cruelty and neglect after leaving her dog in a hot car on Sunday.

Keisha Davis, 20, of Woonsocket left her 6-month old, brown-and-white Pit Bull locked in her car, windows rolled completely up, for an unknown length of time on Sunday. When police discovered the dog, he was displaying obvious signs of distress.

As reported by Rhode Island’s WPRI News Channel 12, “He was cherry red. His ears were swollen shut. His gums, between his feet, he was rashed all over — obvious signs of heat,” said Doris Kay, Woonsocket’s animal control officer.

Police called a tow truck driver to the scene to unlock the vehicle, where they measured a temperature of 100-degrees inside the car.

Upon closer inspection, the puppy showed signs of long-term neglect and dehydration. Davis admitted that the dog had not been fed in more than a day.

The car and the dog were both registered to Davis, who entered a plea of not guilty to all charges at her arraignment yesterday.

Animal control officers are caring for the dog until a court decision is made in the case.

Owner jailed for leaving dog in 100-degree car

 “You don’t need Channel 12 to tell you that you don’t leave your dog in a car,” said Woonsocket’s animal control officer. “You don’t need a book… It’s common sense. It’s hot for you, of course it’s going to be hot for your animal.”

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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to
    make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your
    intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you
    could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  2. Avatar Of Aregularmom



    May they throw away the key and keep her in there for her lifetime!! No air conditioning or heat would be appreciated!

  3. Avatar Of Lily Keeffe

    lily keeffe


    please, we need to enforce the government to make a law to protect our dogs, people must have a license to have a dog..this morron should never had a dog!

  4. Avatar Of Jon



    She should be given mandatory service with the ASPCA or some other animal facility where she can see some of the harm that can be done by thoughtlessness. This should be supplemented with educational films designed to reenforce the message.

    Having her simply sit in a cell does not educate her or teach her the right way to do things.

    Calling her names don’t help either, do you want to solve the problem or simply inflame the matter.

  5. Avatar Of Susan Ccody

    susan ccody


    I dont understand where common sense and courtesy went! People like this should be punished with the same thing they do to animals! If I ever see a dog in a hot car I will break a window. A friend of mine seen it happen at walmrt so she stayed with the dog and gave him water thru a cracked window, after 30 min the owner came out screaming he was gonna call the police because she spilled water in the car! She handed him her phone!

  6. Avatar Of Jennifer Gagnon

    Jennifer Gagnon


    The type of person that can do that to an animal can do it to a person. I just don’t get people, this chick should be locked up and the key thrown away.

  7. Avatar Of Rebecca Russell

    Rebecca Russell


    Please DONT let her have the puppy or ANY other animal!!! EVER!!!

  8. Avatar Of Cujo cujo says:

    what a DUMB ASS WHAT WAS KEISHA DAVIS DOING THAT DAY SMOKING CR??K. keisha davis needs real high court fines for this bad thing she did to this poor helpless DOG Davis should never be allowed to own an animal again in her lifetime !!!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Jodi Waits

    Jodi Waits


    This woman is a completely inconsiderate, ignorant moron. She should have the car impounded and the dog removed from her. ANYONE that has compassion for animals would never do this. She should be charged with animal cruelty and have a “no animals for life” ban placed against her. She doesn’t deserve to have a pet in her care. IDIOT!

  10. Avatar Of Wayne




  11. Avatar Of Edie



    Do not feed her for one day and then leave her in a car on a very hot day with all the windows up and walk away

  12. Avatar Of Glenn Krebs

    Glenn Krebs


    SCUMBAG Lock her away for 5 years and once a day lock her in a hot box for one hour, she could afford to drop a few pounds anyway..

  13. Avatar Of Marsha Scott

    Marsha scott


    she is on facebook lives in woonsocket rhode island. I hope they give her some big fines, but the reality of it all is without tough laws she will get a slap on the wrist and won’t learn a lesson at all. I think they should do what she did to this poor little puppy don’t feed her for a couple days and lock her in hot car till she is starting to show signs of distress. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I hope this judge makes an example of her.

  14. Avatar Of Maria



    Put her in a metal box above ground and let her die. She doesn’t deserve to live, and het away just with a fine or some jail time, owning a dog is like adopting a child, an eye for an eye!!

  15. Avatar Of S.tasman S.Tasman says:

    I think the punishement should be equal to what she did to the dog.Stick her in a pen and neglect her then take her for a car ride roll up all the windows and make sure she can’t get out of the car until a tow truck comes along to save her from head distress!

  16. Avatar Of Laura Taylor

    Laura Taylor


    She should not get the dog back or be allowed to have another animal! She also be made to clean up the cages and dog parks in the area. She should also be made to look at other abused animals to get it through to her what she put her dog through!!!!

  17. Avatar Of Dana Sullivan

    Dana Sullivan


    Another selfish stupid idiot!!!

  18. Avatar Of Shawna Rachelle

    Shawna Rachelle


    First, I think they should of broke her window to get to the dog other than waiting on a tow truck to get there to unlock it. Second, she should definitely get at least 5 yrs in jail (the dog’s ears were swollen shut!) Since it is a pitbull, I am sure she was going to use it as a fighting dog since she was starving it (although a puppy, start’em they are young I guess).
    Then while in jail, she needs to do some community service that helps dogs and other abused animals.

  19. Avatar Of Margaret Won

    Margaret Won


    This person should not be allowed to own animals. besides locking the dog in the hot car and admitting she hadn’t fed it in more than a day. People like this treat their kids and vunerable adults the same. She is headed down the wrong path. I think she should have to do community service (lots of Hours) learning to do better.

  20. Avatar Of Cmcelroy



    After all of the publicity regarding animals being left in a hot car, she still decides the left this poor soul in the care with the windows up. She was probably on a beer run to the local liquor store to buy some booze with the food stamps that our loving state supplies her with! I hope this dog lives and gets to have a loving family that he so deserves. Sounds like the first part of this dogs life was not a happy one. This really may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the poor dog. As for Keisha Davis…I hope Karma comes around and gives you what you deserve. You low life!

    • Avatar Of Lorene



      This woman deserves jail time, a fine, community service, and not be allowed to ever own an animal again! There is no excuse for leaving an animal in a car on a hot day–even with the windows “cracked”–but completely shut? OMG!!! And yes, have her sit in a closed car at 100 degrees for a while–it would be very educational and maybe she would realize what a horrible thing she had done. However, I get really tired of people insinuating things like “she was probably on her way to the liquor store to buy booze with her food stamps.” …why?…oh because she’s a black woman?…and so she’s automatically on food stamps?…and she’s probably an alcoholic too?…C’mon…what she DID was TERRIBLE and NEEDS to be PUNISHED, but let’s leave THIS type of ugly crap out, OK?…In case you think I’m reading something into this, ask yourself if you would have said the same thing if the photo were of a white person, or if there were NO photo? I am in NO WAY defending WHAT SHE DID, or even what I think of the type of person who would do such a thing! I am just a middle-aged dog-loving white lady who grew up on the South Side of Chicago and is tired of all the hating.

  21. Avatar Of Donna



    The laws are not strong enough in this state or any state for that matter. The state needs to send a strong message and make an example of these stupid people who CHOOSE to leave dogs in hot cars. The warnings are everywhere. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! She deserves to go to jail and not for a month or two. One year minimum for any cruelty to an animal. No early release either.Register as animal abuser and banned from having the pleasure of an animals love loyalty. Yeah and 20% of her pay should go to the ASPCA if she ever gets a job.

  22. Avatar Of Katie Katie says:

    She should get 5 yrs . Definitely 2 years in jail. Dogs are to protect us hekp us in the milatary, police bomb n drug squad. Help the elderly in homes. Or even regular people that live in their home. They bring high blood pressure, lower the stress level in ones life. Keep people active n children. How many dogs have been thrown in the street or shot protect their owners n this girl just leaves her puppy who basically would offers have 15 years not 5-6 months of its lil life. They give unconditionally. She took that away. Its ashame they allow just any one to own an animal. I hope her judge is a dog lover or at least a lover if life.

  23. Avatar Of Laura B

    Laura B


    This woman should stay in jail and NEVER have an opportunity to care for an animal again. DISGUSTING PIECE OF TRASH.

  24. Avatar Of Kris



    no dogs ever…and really.. get her some mental help because..hello.. she needs help.. really. she will have children (or does) and this type of person needs help..

  25. Avatar Of Betsy



    All I can say these days the older I get—who in the world raises these kinds of people? Very disgusting!

  26. Avatar Of Vicki



    She needs to face neglect charges as well, since it is noted the dog was undernourished. Judging from her chubby cheeks, she is not and so was obviously with holding food.. She had to be trying to kill the dog. She should have to serve serious number of community hours working at the city animal shelter. In the area that euthanizes the dogs.

  27. Avatar Of Karen Danner

    Karen Danner


    At the very LEAST, she should not get that puppy back. He deserves so much better than how she’s treated him. This nation is too lenient on people who abuse animals. They should be jailed AND fined. As judges do to sex offenders, these people should be on an animal abuser list. Was she on drugs or just didn’t care – or both? Thank goodness someone got to the poor pup in time. Let someone adopt him who will love him and treat him well.

  28. Avatar Of Paul Epstein

    Paul Epstein


    They should lock her in a hot car till her head explodes !!!

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