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Saving Tessa: This Adoptable Dog Will Melt Your Heart! (With Video)

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Despite her inspiring story, her amazing spirit, and the most adorable face we’ve ever seen, Tessa has still not found a loving forever home. Will you adopt this little angel?

This is the story of a little dog that beat all the odds, amazed all her doctors, and became and inspiration to everyone that hears her story. She only has one obstacle left to overcome – to find a perfect, loving forever home.

This past January, a little white dog named Tessa was dumped in a Los Angeles area shelter by her owners when she suddenly and unexpectedly went blind.

Without the resources to care for the scared, confused, and completely malnourished pup, little Tessa was scheduled to be euthanized just days after her arrival.

Luckily for Tessa – and for a world that is better just by having her in it – Annie Hart, executive director of the Bill Foundation, a Beverly Hills-based rescue organization that rehabilitates and finds homes for dogs taken from shelters and from the streets, visited the L.A. shelter and saved Tessa, just hours before her scheduled euthanasia.

Having learned from a shelter worker about Tessa, Annie knew the little girl was blind, but found her to be in a worse state than she had imagined. Not only could Tessa not see, but she couldn’t stand or walk either.

Determined to save this special dog, Annie pulled Tessa from the shelter and began the long journey of nursing her back to health. Through several doctors, numerous tests, and even an MRI, it was finally revealed that Tessa was suffering from hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain.”

“The initial prognosis was very grim,” Hart said. “Her doctors agreed that it was very likely a hospice situation.” But Annie refused to give up on the little dog, combining her medication with holistic treatments and acupuncture. After only 3 days of treatment, Tessa started to show signs of improvement!

Today, while almost completely blind, Tessa does respond to light. She can walk – even run around! And she loves to play. This amazing little girl beat all the odds, surprised all the doctors, and is a true inspiration to anyone that hears her story.

Watch Tessa’s amazing journey in the video below. This amazing little dog will melt your heart!

Will you give Tessa the loving home that she deserves? To learn more about Tessa and the amazing work of The Bill Foundation, or to adopt this furry little angel, visit www.BillFoundation.org.

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  1. Avatar Of Kim Morse

    kim morse


    I would love to adopt lil Tessa. I have 2lil shih-tzu mixes. One lost her hearing due to a stroke and the othet is almost nlind due to cataracts. They r spoiled and sooo loved. I am n south Carolina anf willing to take the journey w her.

  2. Avatar Of Jean Shearer

    Jean Shearer


    I would love to adopt Tessa. We have 2 dogs, a pug and a chug. Both love other dogs and 1 is 12 years old and quiet and the pug is 2 years old and loves to play with other dogs. We have a queen size bed which all the dogs are free to sleep in and usually do and 2 dog beds that are rarely used. I am a retired nurse and have lots of time to spend with my favorite animals.

  3. Avatar Of Mo Caraçciolo

    Mo Caraçciolo


    I recently retired from American Airlines as a flight attendant for 28 years I read some of the response to adopting Tessa. I realize you are in Lax but for this dog to have a good and happy home I am willing to fly to Lax to pick her up and take her to North Carolina for Ms Bartelemo.

  4. Avatar Of Linda Bartolomeo

    Linda Bartolomeo


    *lg? that think they are lap dogs & a Shih Tzu ! All my ‘kids’ sleep in the house, basically wherever they want!
    I’m 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. We would LOVE to adopt Tessa! <3

  5. Avatar Of Linda Bartolomeo

    Linda Bartolomeo


    I am ready, willing & able to welcome Tessa into our furbaby paradise! She will have constant supervision – I don’t work & my passion is to help the voiceless animals! (she will be the queen!)! Our home is VERY pet friendly, all our babies sleep in our bed, king size (maybe time for two kings.) our backyard is completely fenced in (6 ft all around) I have 2 medium sized dogs that think they are lq & a Shih Tzu! Oh yea, also a cat that thinks he is a dog! All my ‘kids’ get along with other animals.

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