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Scholarships Available for Dog-Loving Students

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Grey Snouts, a seller of dog wheelchairs, dog strollers, and other mobility focused pet products, is launching a $500 scholarship offering for students pursuing higher education in the United States who have had a special bond with their canine companion.

Scholarship Min

With between 57% and 68% of homes in America having a dog or a cat according to American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Pet Products Association (APPA) respectively, it’s clear America loves their furry friends. To that end, Grey Snouts has opted to help encourage the love, companionship, and bond that pet owners and volunteers share with their four-legged friends.

Grey Snouts’ Dog Lovers Scholarship is available to students studying any major, and seeks to learn “how having a dog has impacted your life for the better, taught you about love, companionship, or broadened your life socially.” The scholarship also hopes to understand how individuals are volunteering or working within their local community.

Who can apply?
Incoming college freshmen through rising college seniors with a passion for dogs who are volunteering, performing community service or exhibiting community leadership on a daily basis. Grey Snouts is looking for examples of individuals who’ve paid it forward by taking advantage of blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes simply good fortune to positively impact others in their community.

Who is eligible?
Any current college student or incoming freshman enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in a Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall 2021 semester at an accredited American college, university or trade school.

What’s the submission deadline?
September 30, 2021 – 11:59 PM ET

For more information or to apply, click here.

“Whether you currently have a dog or cat, volunteer with them, or just appreciate them while with friends or family – they can touch your heart and teach you life lessons when you aren’t expecting it. With this scholarship we hope to give back to pet owners who give so much love to their pets,” said Matt Koulas, co-founder of Grey Snouts.

Additional scholarships for dog-loving students are available, too!

Rover.com has a $2500 scholarship up for grabs.
Lancaster Kennel Club offers $1,500-4,000 for students pursuing a degree in veterinary studies.
All Things Dogs offers an annual scholarship for a student demonstrating enthusiasm and love for animals.

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