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Shocking Video of Dog Abuse – Would You Please Help?

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There are no words to describe this video. Watch and then I want you to act.

The Veterinarian,  Dr. Mohammad Hassan does not think this was abuse.

“I was very upset when I saw the video,” said Hassan. “It does look very bad because the video was altered and trimmed.”

Hassan said what we don’t see on the short video clip is what happened in the 10 minutes before the manager lost her patience. He said the dog bit several workers, was uncontrollable and his manager made several different attempts to handle the dog.

When asked if there is a better way to take care of that dog, Hassan said, “There’s always a better way.”

As far as this being a case of animal abuse, Hassan does not agree.

“If you see the video as-is, I’m sure it can be considered animal abuse,” said Hassan. “If you see the whole video, you’re going to realize what happened there happens everywhere all the time.”

Dr. Hassan seemed to justify the situation saying the video is a year old.  But it just came to the surface now.

We suggest calling the clinic at 407-298-3805 and telling them your opinion.  Do not be abusive.

And share this page with your friends so more and more people will call.

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  1. Avatar Of Karen



    I was sickened by the video, so both called and emailed the vet’s office with a plea to get non-violent dog training for all staff members. I received the following:

    I Thank you dear. That was one sick person and she was fired for it.

    I have been in this field for 20 years. And I plan to be a vet for the rest of my life. This is a wonderful profession and I can not see myself do anything else. I work 7 days a week and my hospital is open 24/7. I keep my prices as low as possible which make many vets hates me here. I never got into this field for money and I am always satisfied even if we did not make much as long as my clients are happy and we making a difference in people lives. You simply can not do that unless you completely committed and in love of what you do.
    I am sure you can relate to what I am talking about.
    Thanks again.

    Dr. Mohammad Hassan, D.V.M

  2. Avatar Of Peggy Korbel

    peggy korbel


    This is horrific to see at an animal emergency center, those of us that love our animals trust these people to care for our animals not torture them.

  3. Avatar Of Vivien vivien says:

    that is horrible, that woman should be slammed on the wall with a lease on her neck. what an IDIOT!!!. she should be put in jail…

  4. Avatar Of Fern Cook fern cook says:

    this video is a real eye opener you do not think something like this would happen at a vet;s these people are supposed to be trained to handle our pets thank heaven the person responsible was fired think the vet is a real arse for defending the witch for there is no excuse for any animal to be treated this way he should be put out of business!

  5. Avatar Of Joyce A. Hammon

    Joyce A. Hammon


    I don’t care if the little dog bit anybody! That is just wrong. I hope that woman doesn’t ever touch or work anywhere near pets. Shame on you. Hope you lose sleep over it!

  6. Avatar Of Melissa



    Maby in the country that “he comes from” this is not abuse, but it is to most people in the US!

    I don’t care what the dog has done, this is not humane treatment. The poor little dog has a cone on and must have had some type of procedure done and may be hurting, scared or something. Could they not take that into consideration?

    She should be fired and his business closed. Hopefully, enough people will see this and not go there and he will have to close the doors do to lack of business.

    If I were the owner, I would sue him! By the way, I would do the same thing she did to my dog to her too!

  7. Avatar Of Tammy Lemaster

    Tammy LeMaster


    I’ll be sure and take my pet there…NOT

  8. Avatar Of Joy



    If that was my dog that lady would be in fear. I would throw such a fit and I would sue the clinic plus they would lose their license. I do not care what the dog did, a Vet is trained to handle these situations. That woman is an abuser period. She has done this before! Why would a Vet not fire her and keep her around to do this to other animals? This clinic better thank God this is not my baby! Yeah, this is a big o mean dog! Yeah right! A dog bites in fear! This dog has been abused in this clinic before and that is why it is afraid! And then the Vet justifies it! Idiot!

  9. Avatar Of Denise Loeffler

    Denise Loeffler


    should not touch another animal!!!!

  10. Avatar Of Denise Loeffler

    Denise Loeffler


    I really do not believe that dog was trying to bite anyone!!!! That was just a bully at work!!!! It makes you scared to leave your pet with anyone!!!! Both her and the vet should touch another animal!!!!!

  11. Avatar Of Linda Lord

    Linda Lord


    There is no excuse for this behavior. I don’t care how many people the dog bit(probably in pain) . The dog was taken there for TREATMENT, not MISTREATMENT. I hope this publicity shuts that place down. I handle fearful dogs all the time and I would never do anything to increase their fear or pain.

  12. Avatar Of Kimberley Combs

    Kimberley Combs


    This woman is LUCKY this wasn’t my dog!! I would have went to jail beating the crap out of her!!!! Why in the world would you employ such a person as this!!! As much as it costs to vet an animal & then have it treated like this……..shameful!!!!

  13. Avatar Of George



    The lady in the video should face animal cruelty charges – if not then you are sending the wrong message. Slamming any small animal against a wall like that is criminal behavior.

  14. Avatar Of Slimdoggy SlimDoggy says:

    I don’t really care what happened in the 10 minutes prior to that video, there’s no justification for slamming that TINY dog into a wall. Abusers always look to justify and defend their actions. This place should be shut down. And Jason – good question – why didn’t they stop it!

    • Avatar Of Joyce A. Hammon

      Joyce A. Hammon


      I have a question…Who was filming the video? Security camera or a private person. If a person why the hell didn’t they stop and help the poor dog?

  15. Avatar Of Jason



    Can someone explain to me why the person taking the video didn’t jump in and stop her? They are just as guilty for sitting there and watching.

  16. Avatar Of Fran



    There is never any reason to treat any animal this way. Big or small.I feel sorry for anyone who treats my dogs like that.I dont care what there reason was..

  17. Avatar Of Tara



    i truly hope this veterinarian loses his license and is never allowed to work with animals, or people, again…..if you work with animals in a caretaking setting, you know how to behave…and it is NOT by slamming an animal against the wall…once, but 4 times??!! and is this not an emergency facility??!! when animals are stressed and, most probably, in pain…and if you know ANYthing of animals, they lash out because of that…..
    that woman should not be allowed other living creations EVER again….EVER…and she’s the manager??!! great example for the new tech trainee..huh??!!
    God bless this little furry one that the trauma endured is not life affecting.
    and anyone living in that area of orlando should be spreading the word to NOT take an animal there….if they make it there alive, they may not make it OUT alive!

  18. Avatar Of Karen



    An abuser always thinks they are justified, whether it involves children or animals. Remember, this could happen to ANYONE’S dog. I wouldn’t even take my animal there, especially when the veterinarian is also justifying it.

  19. Avatar Of Lisa Stock

    Lisa Stock


    Just want to put it out there I called and spoke with the vet hospital today at 1:55 pm and was informed the lady had been fired and there are charges pressed against her. Please dont continue to call the hospital, they need to spend their time taking care of the animals which is truly the important thing. Lets just keep track of what happens to this miserable excuse of a lady! Lisa

    • Avatar Of Slam Her Against T He Wall

      Slam her against t he wall


      I’m so happy she was fired. I hope the animal hospital was fined as well. If she did this what else did she do?
      My feeling toward her… I’d love to slam her against the wall a few times and put that collar around her neck. I hope she has a horrible life, she deserves it if nothing else was done to her.

    • Avatar Of Linda Lord

      Linda Lord


      People should continue to call. If this is their idea of ” caring “for the animals, I don’t think the animals should be there at all.

  20. Avatar Of Mary



    shared on facebook……you sick creature, saw a man this weekend and his nick name is uncle creepy, that fits you and the so called clinic your run.

  21. Avatar Of Margie



    I don’t care what happened prior to this video. If a dog is biting, you muzzle him you don’t hit him or slam him against a wall. Any reputable vet would fire this woman and have technicians who know how to handle such situations. Maybe the right thing to do here is close down this hospital!!

  22. Avatar Of Karin



    This clinic needs to be closed & the vet license taken away from the doctor! I don’t care if the video was trimmed or not! This is abuse – PLAIN & SIMPLE!

  23. Avatar Of Marjorie Clinton

    Marjorie Clinton


    Please stop this abuse!!!

    • Avatar Of Angie Lou

      Angie LOU


      i called that number and told them what i thought about the fat bitch dog abuser!!!!!! she was fired, thank GOD!! But now i think that quackass Dr needs to be FIRED!!! that video made me cry….pisses me off!!

      • Avatar Of Judy Judy says:

        The Vet has other clinics and she has never missed a day of work!!!!!
        He just sent her to one of the others he owns.

        • Avatar Of Wondering



          Seriously? Why would you refer to another human being the way you do here?

          People do things that are wrong, but no one should be called what you have called this person.

          • Avatar Of Mary



            You’re right, she should not have been called a bitch. It’s an insult to female dogs to use that term. I don’t care how many people that dog bit. The fact that it is in a cone in an emergency hospital tells you that this poor dog was probably injured in some way or sick. The dog’s biting was it’s defense mechanism to keep people from causing it further pain. And this psycho lunatic slams it against a wall. A guy can get off after he shoots someone to death because they call it self defense, so why can’t an injured/sick dog get away with biting people in the same self defense to keep them away. So “wondering” climb off your soap box. Are you friends with people like that or are you yourself a dog abuser? Because any self-respecting dog lover would not be offended that a person like that “woman” (sorry ladies hate to use that term to describe that piece of human excrement because it insults us as far as I’m concerned) was called a name that was well deserved, and probably milder than a lot of people are thinking. I’m “wondering” what your problem is if you can condone this. And before you try to defend yourself by saying you don’t condone it, that is MY OPINION. As far as I am concerned anyone that would defend her is just as much of a hater as she is.

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