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Silly Dog Coughs Up Long Lost Wedding Ring

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When a Wisconsin woman lost her treasured wedding ring five years ago. After giving up on the dream of ever finding it, the ring finally turned up, in a very unexpected way!

Lois Matykowski was outside enjoying a popsicle with her granddaughter. Always milling about when there’s food around, her 10-year old mutt, Tucker awaited his opportunity.

The second Lois turned away, Tucker snatched the popsicle, stick and all, and gulped it down.


The “food burglar,” as the family lovingly calls dear Tucker, had struck again!

But the sugary sweets didn’t sit well and Tucker immediately vomited, stick and all.

Two days later, Tucker began vomiting again, only this time it wasn’t the popsicle upsetting his tummy.

“And I look in the paper towel and here is my wedding ring,” Matykowski told KHON2. “I kid you not. My wedding ring was in Tucker’s puke.”

Matykowski’s veterinarian says the popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring inside Tucker’s tummy, but Matykowski says Tucker is still the envy of the neighborhood.

“Friends have said, ‘I want a dog that throws up diamonds.’ Who wouldn’t, right?”

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