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Socializing Your Fur Baby

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Is your puppy a well-adjusted little pooch? If so, he or she will be a much happier and friendly adult dog you can be very proud of when visitors stop by, and when out in public with the pup. On the other hand if the pup is growing into an unruly terror roaming through the home we have the information you need to take care of this problem. When attempting to socialize a puppy there are certain things the owner must do. These include but are not limited to starting behavior training from day one and mixing in plenty of play time with the pup.

Puppies are easy to train if you begin before they have learned bad habits. Once this has happened then things become a lot more difficult, so start the training immediately. If you have ever had to change the behavior of an adult dog you know quite well this is true.

Socialize a puppy and train with patience! Puppies have very short attention spans so begin with training sessions limited to five minutes or less. You will quickly pick up on how long the pup is able to maintain his level of concentration when teaching him to come, sit, stay, and understand his name. As he grows through the four to eight month range these training sessions can increase in time.

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