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Socializing Your Fur Baby

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The number of people who are teaching their dog’s to be aggressive has grown alarmingly in recent years. The explanation for this would take another article, but suffice it to say you do not want or need a puppy that grows into a canine people are afraid of and you cannot trust. The way to achieve a well-adjusted adult dog is by socializing the puppy to many different situations and environments.

Take the pup to the park for walks so he learns to be around other dogs and people. If he shows signs of aggression firmly give him the “no” command. Never let him get away with this type of behavior, even once, because he will interpret this as being fine with you and acceptable behavior. When he is playful with other dogs and people shower him with praise and love. You can also give him a favorite tasty treat.

He will learn you are pleased with him when he acts friendly. This in “positive reinforcement training” and is how all aspects of his training should be done.

The time you spend to socialize a puppy is well worth the effort. You will end up with a dog you can trust and other people will enjoy being around.

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