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South Texas Police K-9 Dies in Hot Patrol Car

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A police dog with the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department died after being left in her handler’s hot patrol car. Temperatures in the area have been in the triple-digits with “feels like” temperatures of up to 107-degrees outside of the vehicle. The deputy responsible for her death has been relieved of duty.

Jola, a 5-year old drug detection dog with the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Department, was left in Deputy Latham Roldan’s patrol car without proper care for more than 20 hours. She was found dead in the car on Monday. Deputy Roldan was immediately placed on administrative leave until an internal investigation determined he was at fault for her death. Roldan was fired from the department on Tuesday.

Former Deputy Roldan had been with the department for more than 7 years and had been Jola’s handler since 2012.

The case will be reviewed by the County Attorney’s office to determine if Roldan will face charges.

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  1. Avatar Of Anna Tatavak

    Anna Tatavak


    This shows total irresponsibility, and as a person of low it is unacceptable. This dogs are there not only to help them but to protect them at the same time. How can something like this happen’d? He needs to face a charges for cruelty not to mansion that, with his stupidity he should not be an officer of the low.

  2. Avatar Of David Klindt David Klindt says:

    AND WHERE is the Chief of Police??!?! You have body armor for all of your cops, but you DON’T HAVE HEAT ALARMS for your K9? You must be a total bucket case for not taking care of this. I would at least expect that all of the local”chiefs” get together and talk. WHAT is GOING ON THERE” Certainly NO LEADERSHIP. Chief, you should be fired also. Moron.

  3. Why would anyone leave a dog in a car for 20 hours period! That’s simply irresponsible and horible. With that being said, with it being over 100 degrees outside in the middle of the summer in Texas makes it even worse. What an idiot!

  4. He should be charged with cruelty to animals! That dog would have given his life for the officer and this is the thanks he got? That is an inexcusable death!

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