$1 Can Save Many Shelter Dogs!
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Stop The Killing of Our Dogs! Urgent.

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Our dogs are in danger.

Big business cares only about profits.

We care about our dog’s lives.

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Make sure everyone knows about this.

It’s time to wake up Congress.


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  1. Avatar Of Pegi Dahl

    Pegi Dahl


    Good for you! Of course he had to tell you there is nothing he can do, but he probably will do something, even if it’s to talk with someone at the “main office.” You planted the seed.

    I’ve written to my Congressman. A friend called his Representative, only to find out that no one in their office had ever heard of this! So the main thing is getting the word out – no matter what the initial response.


  2. Avatar Of Marcia Barton

    Marcia Barton


    Actually, i approached a manager at Wal-Mart today, with a bag of the Wagin Train jerkey in hand, telling him he had a shelf full of products that are killing dogs. I told him about the articles i have read plus the law suit against Wal_mart and the company that puts the dog treats out. The answer i got was that if they are still ringing up on the register, then there has been no recall and theres nothing he can do about it. I did give him this website so he could look up the articles himself. So, i am an animal lover and until something is done about this, i will be boycotting Wal-Mart and any other place that sells it including PetsMart. And this does need to be brought up before congress. Maybe that will get this ball rolling and no one else will loose there precious Baby.

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