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Stray Dog Saves Newborn Baby Thrown In Dump

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Image Via Http://Www.seamosmasanimales.com/
Image via http://www.seamosmasanimales.com/

A stray dog in the Brazilian city of Campinas is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a newborn baby boy whose mother had tossed him into a dump like trash.

A stray dog, likely searching the dump for food, found the hours-old baby, his umbilical cord still attached, and carefully carried him to the closest house, gently handing him over to the nearest human for help.

They rushed the baby to a local hospital where he is now being cared for. Doctors told seomaslasanimales.com that the baby boy was unharmed by the heroic dog. In fact, had the dog not found him when he did, it’s likely the newborn would not have survived.

Thanks to a stray dog, with more compassion than the infant boy’s own mother, the baby is doing very well and expected to live a healthy life.

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  1. Avatar Of Saamantha Lee

    Saamantha Lee


    Why is the "poor Mother" not mentioned, and why assume she is the one who dumped the baby? Is she even alive? Why assume she is the one who wanted to toss the child? She is very likely a victim as weLL.

  2. Avatar Of Cindy



    What happened to that wonderful dog? I would love to adopt it. This hero needs to be in home as does that poor little baby.b seriously how do I find out what happened to the baby and dog

  3. Avatar Of B. Lehane

    B. LeHane


    If the baby survives anf the mother is not found my wife and I would be more then happy to take that child into our home and give the baby a lifr that they will never have to worry again!

  4. Avatar Of Koyoda Koyoda says:

    This Creation by the name of DOG has more Conpasstion than the Press-A-DENT of the United STATES .dtrumpf ..May BEAUTY Surround this Soul , may it have Beauty befor it, beauty behind it , Beauty to the left of it, beauty to the right of it, may Beauty be below , may Beauty be Above , May BEATY Surround it's SPIRIT for the rest of its Precious LIFE..

    • Avatar Of George Leo Merkley

      George leo Merkley


      A Democrat would say it was the mothers right to toss the baby in the dump. Go President Trump you are the best.

  5. Avatar Of Southernpatriot



    If this story is accurate, this dog has more compassion than the child's mother and most, if not all "nasty" (as they called themselves) women in the D.C. women's march who wanted taxpayers to pay for the killing of their own babies.

    • Avatar Of Cynthia



      Federal tax dollars don't fund abortions. This dog did not find a zygote in a dump. Way to take an amazing story and turn it into an Anti-Choice rant. Don't like abortion, don't have one.

      • Avatar Of Toad



        Have you ever heard of Medicaid? How about Planned Parenthood, they get millions of tax dollars every year.

    • Avatar Of Stefan Semchyshyn, Md

      stefan semchyshyn, MD


      Indeed, this dog has more sense than most selfish, progressive, democrats.

    • Avatar Of Brotherstefan



      "…, gently handing him over to the nearest human for help."

      I would have thought that the photographer would have been the nearest human, yet the dog seemed not to even have acknowledged his presence. Touching as it may be, there is something odd about this story.

  6. Avatar Of K K says:

    Its Brazil. The dog may be the father.

  7. Avatar Of Kurt Simmons

    Kurt Simmons


    This dog was taking the baby to a safe place so he could eat it

  8. Avatar Of Truthteller



    Something does not look right about that baby’s head. Also, very thin, indicating that it was likely premature. I sincerely doubt the veracity of this story. I think a stray dog found a dead baby in the trash heap. The baby looks dead, and coloring looks off.

  9. Avatar Of Susie King

    Susie King


    Whoever adopts the precious baby boy needs to also adopt this amazing and precious dog!! The good Lord above placed this baby and dog together for a reason!! The 2 of them need to be loved in the same loving and caring home!!

  10. Avatar Of Donald Rowe

    Donald Rowe


    We all hope that the dog found a good home, as well, if he or she didn’t already have one. I don’t know if dogs have souls or not, but it would be a great shame if they don’t. They are, oft-times, certainly more compassionate and loving than their human counterparts. It seems to be the same way with most animals that tend to maintain a family type group about them during their lives. Many very young children have been found wandering around in a group of elephants, that could easily have failed to notice them and just squished them with one step.

  11. Avatar Of Marsha



    You know what the dog thought when he saw the baby? “I guess somebody didn’t want you either.” Very sad, what humans are capable of, and we think that animals don’t have souls but that is not true. I could go on but I hope I made my point. Good dog. Bad person.

  12. Avatar Of Sue Carlson

    Sue Carlson


    I Know he found a good home!

  13. Avatar Of Christa



    Soooooo What became of the dog? Back on the streets to starve some more! This is a sad story! Glad the baby was saved and hope he also finds a good home, but what happened to the hero! The mother, hopefully she gets caught but I doubt it!

  14. Avatar Of Marie



    Passersby decided to take photos of dog and baby. That was their first instinct. Rescuing the baby was an afterthought.

    • Avatar Of Carole



      Marie – get a grip

    • Avatar Of C.d.carney



      In retrospect- they may have needed evidence to prove their incredulous story that they weren’t the ones who just gave birth (and save themselves a medical examination by police forensics to prove it if they were doubted).

  15. Avatar Of John John says:

    I hope this wonderful dog was taken care of and a home found for him

    • Avatar Of Truthteller



      Brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Along with rampant corruption, I can all but guarantee you that ‘forensics’ work there by the police (who also double as Death Squads) is minimal at best.

  16. Avatar Of Nancy



    This just goes to prove that animals are more loving and caring then a lot of people I hope that the dog has a good home for what he has done. He is a real angel on earth, he should be loved and cared for with a forever home.

  17. Avatar Of Kate Santiago

    Kate Santiago


    That’s terrible thank goodnise that dog found him

  18. Avatar Of Brooke



    great story

  19. Avatar Of G Gardner

    G Gardner


    I have always said I have more faith in animals than humans, this just strengthens that faith!

  20. Avatar Of Jnova



    This is probably fake, in order to get people angry, riled up, and writing about it. Don’t believe everything you see or hear people.

  21. Avatar Of Christine



    Imagine an abandoned starving dog who didn’t harm one hair on this baby’s head. They should be called Animal Angels. Would be wonderful if the same family that adopts the baby could also take the dog in and provide a wonderful home for this Animal Angel.MAy God bless them both forever.

  22. Avatar Of Bruno



    I’m from Brazil and this is just embarrassing. As an animal lover, I wish this dog the best life he can possibly have. I live in Toronto otherwise I would adopt him. Like my wife always says “animals are much better than us”.

    What a sad but at the same token, a beautiful story as well.

    • Avatar Of Bruno



      Someone find this mother and put her behind bars forever. I understand that in developing countries women have babies and get desperate due to not being able to provide, however, this under no circumstances is a humane option. You had sex and had a baby, the least you could’ve done was to send it to adoption but this is a crime and she must be punished accordingly.

  23. Avatar Of Katharine Duffey

    Katharine Duffey


    Thank God for this wonderful, wonderful animal. Prosecuters of the city of Campinas, do two things:

    1) Find the mother of this sweet little child and presecute her to the fullest extent of Brazillian law.

    2. Find this dog and make sure that he has a complete medical check up to make sure the is alright and then find him the best forever home possible!

  24. Avatar Of Katharine Duffey

    Katharine Duffey


    I do so hope that they find the mother of this child and prosecute her to the fullest extent of Brazillian law. I also hope that this heroic dog is brought in, given a full medical exam to make she he’s alright and then given a very good home with people who will love hin for ever and ever!!

  25. Avatar Of Jill Douglas

    Jill Douglas


    HOW could a mother do that to a baby?!?!?! I hope she is discovered and put behind bars for a very, very long time!

  26. Avatar Of Linda Faber

    Linda Faber


    I have one question…….WHAT ABOUT THE DOG??????

  27. Please follow up on the condition of the baby and the condition and status of this wonderful dog!!!!!

  28. Can someone please follow up on this story? The condition of the baby? The whereabouts and status of the dog? I looked at the link to the website but it is all in another language. Please follow up. It is good reporting to do so!!!

    • If you use Google Chrome, there’s a small icon on the right end of the address bar – two small boxes, next to the bookmark star. Click on the boxes icon, and it will translate the page to English. Hope that helps.

  29. Avatar Of Ig IG says:

    I want to gift the doge some food. Give the Doge a name and an address.

  30. Avatar Of Arie Willcox

    arie Willcox


    I also pray that the dog was given a forever happy home for being such a hero

  31. Avatar Of Ruth ruth says:

    they took the time to take pictures of the baby in the dogs mouth!!

    • Avatar Of Kimberly Sherfield

      Kimberly Sherfield


      I thought the same thing!! They took the time to take pictures of this instead of tending to the baby? What??? First stories say it happened in Brazil and then India. What????

  32. Did someone take the dog and offer it a loving forever home? The dog is smart, a hero he is… and deserves better than the street and searching for food in a dump… I hope the person who dumped the baby rotts in hell…

  33. Avatar Of S



    I hope someone took that dog in and gave him a loving home and is no longer scrounging the trash for food. He deserves a good home :o)

  34. Avatar Of Jill Mcginn

    jill mcginn


    And what of the HEROIC DOG??!!

  35. Avatar Of Jill Mcginn

    jill mcginn


    What happens to the HEROIC DOG???!!

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