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Suspicious (Poisoned?) Dog Treats Left Along Popular Dog Walking Trail

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Residents of one San Jose, California neighborhood are taking extra precautions when walking their dogs along a popular Willow Glen walking trail word got out that someone may be trying to poison dogs with tainted treats.

Word quickly spread over social media when a concerned resident found what appeared to be cat food, possibly laced with something toxic, planted along the path where dogs are commonly walked.

San Jose Animal Care & Services has obtained a sample of the possibly tainted treats and is having it analyzed.

However, it could take more than a week for test results to confirm whether the substance is toxic.

For now, dog owners are urged to be vigilant when walking their dogs along this, or any other path.

“Especially if you’re walking on a trail, you don’t want your dog to just randomly eat any substance on the ground because you don’t really know what that substance could be. It could potentially be toxic or harmful to your animal,” San Jose Animal Care & Services’ Capt. Jay Terrado explained to ABC7.

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