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Texas Deputy Suspended After Two Police Dogs Die in His Hot Car

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A Bexar County, Texas Sherriff’s Deputy is on administrative leave today, while investigations continue surrounding the death of two police dogs in his care. The pair of Belgian Malinois appear to have suffered from heat exhaustion after being left inside a sweltering hot county vehicle overnight.

According to MySanAntonio.com reports, the deputy, Steve Benoy, left work with the dogs around 2pm and drove the county owned Chevy Tahoe fitted with dog kennels to his home, as he did every day.

“He had a routine,” Deputy Chief Ronald Bennett told reporters.

But that Tuesday, Deputy Benoy left town for the night. When he returned on Wednesday, he was surprised to find the dogs weren’t inside his home waiting for him. Instead, the dogs were still in their kennels, in the back of the Chevy Tahoe, dead from apparent heat exhaustion.

According to The Weather Channel, the high temperature on both days that the dogs were left in the vehicle was 96 degrees.

Names and ages of the K9 police dogs are not being released, but Bennett confirms one was a trained narcotics dog, the other was assigned to patrol.

“It’s just a very tragic accident,” Bennett said, adding that Benoy “is completely devastated.”

Deputy Benoy has been a K9 handler for 13 years. Depending on the results of the investigation, he could face an animal cruelty charge which is a Class A misdemeanor in his county.

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  2. Avatar Of Broncorider



    No sympathy here for a moron who obviously is not qualified to be a dog owner. Joe Public would be charged with murder of an officer. Why isn’t he up on charges? To be so self absorbed that you don’t even think about the welfare of your dogs for 24 – 48 hours is just beyond comprehension. When he was partying on his days off (had to be if he’s that brain dead) those dogs were dying and wondering where there master was. Disgusting, but that’s Texas.

  3. Avatar Of Bj



    This is not animal cruelty this is negligent homicide of two police officers, Period! If anyone can tel me how to start a petition on this matter, please do so. If a citizen were to have shot or otherwise killed these two trained officers, what would the charges be?

  4. Avatar Of Toorotten



    Wow, 13 yrs in K-9 and he forgets his partners in his truck overnight!?! A). Why is it that the vehicles do not have automatic temp gauges? K-9 cruisers usually do that I know of. These simple devices monitor the inside temp of the units and will automatically start/ turn on the A/C or heat for the safety of the K-9’s.
    B). Who was designated to care for these dogs when he went away? Even if it was just an overnighter?
    I am a Boarding kennel and have boarded K-9’s and other Service dogs for years, several in fact. These dogs are pampered in their off time, they are treated no differently than the Rescues that come in through my program and my own pets with the exception that they go everywhere I go. They are with me if I go shopping, go to the Dr.s, they come inside with me. They are never out of my sight or out of my mind. It comes with the territory. These dogs are used to being with their handlers 24/7/365 for their whole careers. A good number of these dogs have separation anxiety and cannot be left alone. I have a few that have jumped out windows to get to the handlers/ owners (2nd floor and bay windows). The ones that I have bred carry the same tendencies. These dogs are not your typical Family pets. They are valuable tools in many ways. The handler really failed these majestic K-9’s. What a horrid way for them to die.

  5. Avatar Of Brad Cooper

    Brad Cooper


    You are all just a bunch of peta puffin homos.

  6. Avatar Of C Richards

    C Richards


    Really 13 years? Wow I’m surprised anything lived more than 10 minutes with this hero?
    He should sit in a kennel in the car for 2 days. See if he can breathe?

  7. Avatar Of Stephaneig



    Too stupid to be a public servant. Fire his irresponsible butt. NOW.

  8. Avatar Of Cas3135



    There seems to be a rash of stupidity going around , we had two separate incidences of K9’s being left to die in police vehicles .
    The individuals should be fired , lose their pensions and be arrested and charged with the death of a police officer !
    No special treatment , no desk duty or administrative leave with pay , these morons killed trained police officers .

  9. Avatar Of Lucy



    Accidently left in truck? Yea right!!! Not!!! More concerned about his own Ass.

  10. Avatar Of Kim



    He should face the same Animal Cruelity charges as anyone else, just cause he is a cop doesnt mean jack &^%^. And if he is that forgetful he shouldnt be a cop anyway, dumb ass

  11. Avatar Of Chelle



    LOL..the comments! SMH..white people and their dogs. You people treat those disgusting mutts better than you do other humans. No wonder you have lice and smell the way you do. WAKE UP! Animals are not children. Sucks how they died but dang, calm the freak down. Really? He should be charged with murder? Really? Y’all are ridiculous!

    • Avatar Of Jack



      You have a lot to learn about tolerance and compassion.

    • Avatar Of John Givens

      John Givens


      us white people? get a life…. if you or i hurt a police dog we would be charged with assulting a cop this guy is guilty of murdering not one but two cops…

    • Avatar Of Linda



      Well, Chelle, to some of us white folks these dogs are our families. And I won’t get into the discussion of smell and lice because obviously you are hangin’ out with some pretty disreputable people to begin with. Personally, I don’t think the officer should be charged with murder but I do think he should be removed from the K-9 officers group. Let him walk a beat or drive a car around on his shift; he has proven to be irresponsible when it comes to caring for two dedicated police dogs whose value you can’t even begin to imagine. I own 6 dogs, one is a Belgian Malinois (like those that died); he is the sweetest, most affectionate dog you could ever hope to meet. My kids are adults and my dogs are my fur-kids. But you will never understand that because some people in different religions have different feelings about dogs. The rest of us white folks just love our dogs unconditionally.

    • Avatar Of Karen



      Huh? His being upset is punishment enough for you? Ae you crazy? He killed two fellow officers. He should be charged with animal cruelty regardless of who he is, where he was going, how it happened. He killed two dogs. It was a horrible death. Not only that the cost of buying and training these dogs needs to come out of his pocket. And where was the rest of the family if this guy was gone and the dogs were not in the house? Where did they think the dogs were? He needs to be charged with animal cruelty, made to pay fines, sent to jail, and fired.

    • Avatar Of Karen



      Hey Chelle,

      Yeah, you black folk treat your dogs like shit. Chaining em up, fighting em, starving em, breeding em….glad I’m a white folk so I can be accused of treating my dogs better than humans, although most humans, if they be like you, I wouldn’t treat at all.

      • Avatar Of Wildflower



        Karen and you treat your children the way you say blacks treat their dogs. If Miichael Vicks career is ruined and he had to do prison time for his cruelty to animals then the sam should be for this azhole. My problem with this is the double standards. Police should really be punished when the committ crimes because if anyone shouild no better it them. And to the guy that mention the “up standing citizen” principal that killed her baby because her job was more important that her family, she should have been prosecuted and put in jail as well. Anytime you read a story like this about people of color or those in a lower tax barcket there is no sympathy, they are trashed like they meant to do itand they end up doing jail time.

    • Avatar Of Michele



      Us “White people” could say a little more about you people but we are much too educated and compassionate to disregard another race in the manner you just did!Grow up and take a course on humanity you might find it very rewarding.

  12. Avatar Of Ana Jones

    Ana Jones


    Complete Selfish IDIOT. I hope he has a slow burning death.

  13. Avatar Of Pam Ohler

    Pam Ohler


    This is a horrible tragedy. I am a dog lover and believe our communities, and our police officers, would benefit with MORE CANINE POLICE TEAMS. I see them as more effective than a team of 2 officers. I’ve watched programs that have followed canine teams throughout a 24 hour period. The officer and HIS DOG have a bond unlike any other. The officer incorporates his dog into his work and personal life. I’ve often thought, “What an amazing relationship.” That being said, I am finding myself remembering a story I saw reported on one of the major news network shows. This story was a detailed report about the investigation into the death of a child who was left in a car for many hours. I will summarize the facts as I best remember them. The actions and the resultant outcome are as clear to me now as they were then. It was about a mother who held a position at a public school as a principal. It was a position packed with “to-do’s” throughout the day. Many days, she was on overload. But she was devoted to her job and excelled at it. She was highly regarded and well respected. She had a routine every day, for many years. (Remember this) However, one morning, her husband needed to get into work early so he asked his wife to drop off their toddler at daycare. “No problem”, she says. She gets her daughter and puts her in the back seat in her car seat. The child is tired and dozes back to sleep. On the way, the mother remembers there is going to be a meeting at the school so she stops off to pick up donuts, GOING OFF OF THE ROUTE SHE IS TAKING TO DROP OFF HER CHILD AT DAYCARE. She buys the donuts, gets in the car, and drives onto the route to work. She arrives at the school, grabs the donuts, some other items, and hurries in to get her day started. Nearing the end of the school day, employees are leaving the school and heading to their cars in the employee parking lot. One of the employees is drawn to the car. Could it be? She tries desperately to open the car doors to no avail. She runs in the school and calls 911. As others see the commotion, they approach the scene. Oh no…no… But, yes. The child had been locked in the car for hours. She was pronounced dead on the scene. How could this have happened? This woman, a highly respected, well liked leader of the school forgetting her own daughter was in the car with her was hard to grasp. I recall as the officials reviewed the security footage. This highly motivated, energetic woman, so enthralled with what came next in her busy schedule, forgot about the one thing most important to her every moment. The precious life that gave her life purpose; her daughter. With a saddened heart, knowing the outcome, I watched as this happy, eager, busy woman took things out of her car and went directly into the school. SHE HAD A DAILY ROUTINE. THAT ROUTINE WAS DISRUPTED. SHE FORGOT ABOUT HER DAUGHTER. As I recall, she was charged with some minor infraction, but she was not charged or punished by the system for her child’s death. I believe that living with that horror every day of her life is certainly punishment enough. I’m sure many of you still may not understand how this officer could have been so careless. He, too, had a change to his routine. He got distracted by it, and made a life changing mistake. One he will have to live with forever. Now, please try to put yourself in his place. Imagine going home every day to find an empty place because his dogs are not there. I know, having lost a few dogs to illnesses over the years, how painful it is coming home to their empty beds. Now, will you try to at least comprehend, if you still cannot understand, how this man must feel. Yes, I’m horrified thinking about how those two outstanding dogs must have felt as they were suffering, and subsequently dying. But I’ll bet living his life with the result of his heart breaking mistake will be punishment enough. It would be for me.

    • Avatar Of Elaine Chanteloup

      Elaine Chanteloup


      Sorry, but I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for this police officer, Pam. There is NO excuse for forgetting the dogs. When you get out of the car, you get the dogs out, just as you would a child. When you leave home overnight, you make sure the dogs have food and water and can get out to potty. He should never be entrusted with dogs again.

      • Avatar Of Chuck



        I only hope he faces the charges that anyone else on the street would for harming those dogs…

        They are considered police officers and if they were chasing someone and that person kicked the dog away or struck the dog they are then charge with assaulting a police officer…

        He should be charged with that at the very least if not for murdering a police officer.

    • Avatar Of Amy



      ZERO sympathy for this prick, how about some sympathy for the dogs who died a slow horrible death!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Michele



      Oh please mr sympathy get over it!This officer is so guilty and living without his dogs is what he deserves,he killed them.point blank!!! I am an owner of 2 cats and every minute of every day they are tended to n if i have another errand or emergent situation my pets are tended to first or the world has to stop, sorry but thats how it works.When you have children or pets they come 1st no matter what!!!!!!

  14. Avatar Of Marta



    this is ridiculous with all that experience he should have known better.’NOT ACCEPTABLE”

  15. Avatar Of Nancy Haas

    Nancy Haas


    He’s devastated, really? Administrative leave? What, with pay? He needs to be drug tested.

  16. Fire them and leave them in hot car with no way out! I am totally upset. Poor k-9s.

  17. Avatar Of Sherrill Benson

    sherrill benson


    I also can’t have any pity for this officer.He had 13 years as a dog handler? He should be charged with murder.He should also be fired.Everyone knows you don’t leave a dog in a hot car.He should not be allowed to own or have another animal,ever.

  18. Avatar Of Kathi Sepulveda

    Kathi Sepulveda


    This is ridiculous. This should be one of the shortest investigations. What is to investigate there is no justification for basically leaving his partners in locked car to sentence them to death. I have absolutely no pity for this person.. no longer considered an officer of the law. He broke the law he murdered his partners. How the hell could you be so pre occupied as to forget about your partners in the car. On his way out the door did he not realize oh… I better leave food out or water out for the dogs since I will be gone for a couple of days. NO EXCUSE. Investigation finished in my opinion. Send him to prison for murder and no longer Deputy.

  19. Avatar Of Susan Urso susan urso says:

    He should be fired and then brought up on charges as any other pserson would be, he is just not fit to be a cop!

  20. Avatar Of Scuba



    If this police officer doesn’t have the mental wherewithal to remember to pull two of his partners out of the car when he gets home he doesn’t have the mental capacity to be a police officer I believe he should be banned from being a cop, and I agree he should face charges for murdering both police dogs!

  21. Avatar Of Susan



    There is NO excuse for this to have happened!!! Granted, he was preoccupied, but every dog owner has to feed, let toilet, give water before they leave their house. If he has been doing this for 13 years he should have known better…..I have 3 huskies and I never forget where they are!!! I’m sure he feels bad, and he should. Just never allow him to be in charge of animals again!

  22. Avatar Of Theresa



    If it was anyone else I think it is consider murder of 2 police officers.
    K9 dogs for the police Departments are consider officers of the Police Department.
    Saying that you would think Deputy Benoy would be charged for murder of 2 police officers. The truth is Texas doesn’t give a crap about dogs in their state…..including their Animal Humane Society. That said, Deputy Benoy will be back on duty with K9 again.

    • Avatar Of Free



      I can tell you what will happen, nothing cops are above the law. And like Theresa said if this was a regular citizen you would be charged with murdering a policeman. Truth, peace

  23. Avatar Of Aj



    Sorry, he was obviously focused on getting out of town and “just forgot” not just one, but TWO trained police dogs in a hell of an oven to die! How can you not KNOW where your dogs are BEFORE leaving town for overnight? Do you NOT normally let the dogs out of the vehicle when arriving home to relieve themselves? Do you NOT normally feed the dogs after a long day at work? There is NO acceptable reason for what happened. After 13 years on the job as a dog handler he OUGHT to be devestated. He should NOT be allowed to have another animal in his care, especially not trained police officer dogs that are not inexpensive but not due to the cost only, but the pain, agony and BETRAYAL they experienced at the hands of a trusted human that they would have WILLINGLY sacrificed their lives for if necessary in the line of duty. It was NOT necessary, and it was

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