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The Feds Thought This Service Dog Was a Terrorist

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Is This The Face Of A Terrorist?
Is this the face of a terrorist?

Curious how much the government is really involved in our day-to-day activities? Ever wondered if anyone really pays attention to what’s written on your check’s memo line? Still think what you choose to name your dog doesn’t matter? Think again.

A California man’s bank account was flagged, an online check payment to his dog walker frozen, over simply writing his service dog’s name – Dash – in the memo line.

Apparently, Dash is a little too close for comfort to the Department of Treasury as it’s just one little “e” short of spelling Daesh, the name of an ISIS terrorist cell.

Dash’s handler Bruce Francis explains:

When Bruce got a call from his dog walker wondering why she hadn’t received her payment yet, he took a look at his Chase account online, that’s when he learned of the hold up.

“There was a message saying, ‘Please explain what ‘for Dash’ means,” he said.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control, a branch of the Treasury Department, had gotten involved, looking for clarification on the purpose of the payment to the 9-year old pit bull mix’s dog walker.

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  1. Avatar Of Doug



    Proof the feds are stoopid. Can't spell , can't think, don't communicate. No wonder our country NEEDS to be made great again. But im certain these folks aren't going to , they way they're doing it.

  2. Avatar Of Shauna Russ

    Shauna Russ


    Aw, that picture makes Dash look like he’s also concerned about his walker getting paid! What a cutie, he needs a kiss on top of his head! That this stupid error just happened to be made to the owner of and the walker of a pit bull mix, is almost not surprising. There is still so much needless prejudice and just plain confusion when it comes to pit bull type dogs. I have been rescuing, raising and training pit bull type dogs for decades and for the past 15 years have used them as my fantastic service dogs.

    I’m especially grateful to the two who have worked to care for me since I was disabled. Bekah, a huge Am Staff mix, suffered from a stroke in 2006, but I’ll never forget her. My current partner is Phoebe, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and so genuinely sweet and loving.

    Pit bull type dogs are fantastic family dogs, but people need to understand their personalities and the dangers that the world presents to them before jumping into ownership. They are loving, loyal clowns and deserve owners who know it’s an honor and a privilege to share your life with them.

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