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“This is my dog…” The Most Perfect Craigslist Post Ever

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One dog owner, tired of seeing countless dogs and cats dumped at shelters or given away on classifieds ads for ridiculous reasons like moving, getting married, or having a baby, took to Craigslist to air her grievances. And we couldn’t agree more.

The post, which at first looks like ANOTHER person trying to justify giving up on their pet, quickly changes its tune:

Craigslist Ad

This is my dog…

I have had her for six years. She has been frustrating and infuriating at times. She has cost me money I wanted to spend on other things. She has been inconvenient at times. I’ve had to arrange my life with her in mind. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world, because I love her and she brings me joy.Now, to get to the point of this post. I want to tell you about something amazing that I did. I MOVED. I moved three times actually. Amazingly, I KEPT MY “%&*$&#” DOG! Can you imagine? Did you know someone can move and still keep their dog? What an amazing concept, isn’t it? Oh, I also got married, had a baby, and changed jobs, AND STILL MANAGED TO KEEP MY DOG! Am I the only human being alive who’s been able to do this? See that little cat next my dog in the picture, well we just found out she has AIDS, yes, feline AIDS. She will require expensive medicine for the rest of her short life. Guess what? I’M KEEPING THE “%&*$&#” CAT TOO. I’m not going to dump her off on Craigslist to assuage some mild hint of guilt I feel because I’m too lazy, weak and irresponsible to fulfill a commitment I made to a living, loving animal.To all you who do otherwise, “%&*$&#” YOU! I hope your spouse leaves you, penniless and alone. May God keep you, though you don’t deserve it.

We’ve edited some language that might not be appropriate for our younger readers.

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  1. Avatar Of Pet'S Parlor Pet's Parlor says:

    I agree just put some slippers or shoes on.

  2. I agree the easiest solution would be to just to wear some shoes or slippers.

  3. Avatar Of Diane



    I’m sorry about your Dog,molly .Im GLAD u got a new friend.and I hope you have many happy years together..

  4. Avatar Of Cathy Armato Cathy Armato says:

    Bravo, Bravo, and BRAVO!!! Fabulous post, nothing more to say except you are Spot On and I applaud you.

  5. Avatar Of Janie



    I have a kitten who I found when she was 5 wks old . I have been her moma till now. she bites at my feet wanting to play . I got infection in my legs from it. Dr says I can not get anymore bites. I want to have her fang teeth pulled so I can keep her . she was tramatized by a boy at about a yr old and she is afraid of most people. She wont do good with anyone im sure. It is the only thing I can do to keep her. I do not want to make her a free run barn cat. She is mine and I love and miss her. gota get her back soon.

    • Avatar Of Jb



      Cats can be trained not to bite, without being defanged or declawed (declawing is like removing the first digits on a human’s fingers). In her case I wonder if a better home is elsewhere :/.

      • Avatar Of Becca



        Declawing, if done properly is not a horrible thing to do. But yes, there are veterinarians out there who do it a quick and easy (wrong) way and the cat can have complications afterward. I have worked at a vet clinic for many years and NEVER seen a patient have complications after being declawed by our veterinarian. I have however seen major problems with cats that were declawed by other veterinarians that have done it incorrectly.

        • Avatar Of K. Kacmarcik

          K. Kacmarcik


          Declawing a cat for any reason other than medical necessity is always horrible, so much so that it’s illegal in many states. A cat who scratches or is aggressive has a behavior issue that can almost always be resolved with behavior modification. That does require a bit more effort on our part but it’s worth it. Declawed cats often have other behavior problems because the original issue was not resolved. I work in the veterinary field as well and even before it was illegal in my state, our vets refused to perform the surgery and educated our customers about why it isn’t considered humane and offered alternatives.

    • Avatar Of Sarah



      wear socks?

    • Avatar Of Jeanrae



      Can’t you just, like, I dunno, get a decent pair of slippers and some swears or yoga pants or something? So that your skin is covered?

      I’m not being a smart ass, I’m forreal. And is there something wrong with the cat?bis he up to date on shots and such? I’m just curious because I’ve never heard of a case where scratches or small bites would become so easily infected?

      And pleease don’t declaw your cat, if at all possible, it’s a horrible process… I don’t know about pulling her sharp teeth, maybe they could be ground down a bit? I don’t know, but if you end up doing one of those two surgical type “solutions”, please also consider keeping your kitty strictly indoors… If he runs free outside without his natural defense system, that could end badly! Good luck!

    • Avatar Of Se



      If you found her at 5 weeks old, how did a boy abuse her when she was a year old?

    • Avatar Of Andrea



      If you can’t be bothered to wear shoes around your cat then please consider giving her to a home where she will not only be loved but won’t need to be mutilated to stay.
      I knew a woman who had a young cat with chronic urinary tract infections but, being on welfare, she couldn’t afford to bring kitty to the vet. Rather than letting her cat go to a good home, she had her cat killed because she didn’t think that anyone else could take care of the kitty like she did!! It broke my heart!
      Please, give your cat a happy home where she can remain whole and happy. Or, if you love your cat as much as you say, the easiest thing in the world would be to just wear some shoes!!!

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