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Tips on Grooming Your Furball

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Is your shaggy hound looking, well, shaggy? If so, he or she will feel and look better with a bit of TLC. The following tips on grooming your pup can be applied to all dogs, so give your wonderful companion a little pampering and see how much better you both will feel.

Tips on grooming

Step one is a good brushing of the dog’s coat. If you do not already have a brush they are sold at most stores, even the grocery store. This brushing should become a daily habit, and if you pooch throws a fuss at first, they will gradually come around and begin to look forward to a good brushing. Brush against the grain of the fur to look for ticks and fleas before brushing with the lay of the dog’s fur. Short hair dogs need a comb style of brush preferable made of stainless steel, medium and long length hair canines requires a brush suited for longer hair and then complete the job using the above mentioned comb. A treat after brushing will encourage your dog to learn good behavior while being brushed.

Tips on grooming your dog also include the next step in our process, the bath. Depending on the size of the dog you can use either a sink or bathtub/shower. Professional dog groomers recommend you soak the fur well with warm water and work from the back to the head of your dog. Never use a shampoo made for humans as this can cause an unhealthy reaction from your dog. Use a good dog shampoo and work this into the fur well. Once the shampoo is finished give your pooch a very thorough rinsing to remove all shampoo. Ok, now give your dog a good drying and then brush his fur to smooth it out. Reward him with a treat for being a good puppy. Our tips now move on to trimming the dogs toe nails. The best place to find a good professional trimmer is online so when you have acquired this grooming tool give your dog’s toe nails a neat trim while being cautious to not cut too far back. Long toe nails on a dog hurt their feet when they walk, so monthly trimming is best. Cut too far back on the toe nail and you will hit the lighter colored area, or the “quick”. This is to be avoided as it is very painful for your dog.

Last on our list of tips for grooming entails using a soft cotton swab to clean the ears. Be gentle, and do not go deep into the dogs ears. Now we have a clean and happy doggy.

Do you groom your dog? Please leave comments below.

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