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Staying Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy

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No dog owner wants to see their beloved pooch ill with a disease, or infested with parasites when it could have been prevented. Simply providing the dog with quality dog food, vitamin supplements, a clean living environment, and plenty of exercise is not going to ensure he or she is always healthy. Just like humans, our dogs sometimes become ill, so the following tips will help you keep your dog disease and parasite free by recognizing any initial signs old Max is not feeling well.

One of the first indications we need to cover concerns their stool. If the dog has diarrhea this is a very clear indication something is afoot concerning either a food they have eaten, or a more serious illness. The seriousness of this is not to be taken lightly if the condition persists for longer than two days. Any longer than this and it is time to visit the vet for blood work, and a complete exam. Take along a sample of the soft stool for examination. Pay particular attention if you are dealing with a puppy.

If the stool is bloody, contact the vet immediately for advice.

Be observant to keep your dog disease and parasite free. Let’s say the dog has an unusually large amount of sinus discharge accompanied by wheezing, coughing, or hacking. This signals to you the air or environment has a virus or bacterial germs present, and the dog has developed an upper respiratory infection. Just like a human would when exposed to similar germs while out in public.

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  1. Avatar Of Ninz Ninz says:

    It’s a really nice post specially for pet lovers. I am a pet lover and I have a pug too.I know how much the health of your pet matters to you. Thanks for posting such useful information.

  2. Avatar Of Clarissa Clarissa says:

    I recently just went through a worm infestation and it is not fun! I feel lucky to have caught it before it got serious and as unpleasant as it is, the only way to be sure is looking at their stool. Luckily my pet health insurance company covered all the vet costs for Oscars checkup and medicine and he was as good as new in a couple of days!

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