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Trenton Animal Rock Unable To Resume Operations Due to Council’s Rejection of Contract Extension

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Trenton Animal Shelter
Image from John Berry via The Trentonian

Last Friday, Trenton Animal Shelter had to abruptly stop operations as the City Council voted not to renew its current contractor. The shelter, which is run by Trenton Animals Rock (TAR), a non-profit organization, is home to the city’s veterinarian, vet techs, dog cage cleaners, and other professions whom dog owners heavily rely on. 

TAR employees, pet owners and board members were reduced to tears as they were locked out of the shelter a day after the council rejected the $375,000 contract renewal with the organization. Animal advocates were scrambling to find homes for the 25 dogs and cats in the shelter. 

According to TAR’s executive director Danielle Gletow, this move was politically motivated due to the legislator’s disdain for Mayor Reed Gusciora. 

Some City Council members have also expressed concern over the shelter’s current state as, according to Councilwoman Robin Vaughn, there have been many complaints about the organization. 

Before TAR stepped in to help the shelter and make it a no-kill shelter, the animals lived in “horrid” conditions with dogs surrounded by their own feces, urine and vomit. On the other hand, Gletow has also received her fair share of criticism from animal rights advocates that the shelter is still not in good condition. 

Gletow mentioned that this entire situation could be political, but some city officials are still hoping for a deal to come together in the coming weeks. 

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