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The Sometimes Surprising But Totally True Nature of Pit Bulls

Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL) is still very common and widespread across the country. Proponents of BSL say Pit Bulls have inherent characteristics that make them dangerous, that these dogs should be banned from hearts and homes around the world forever.

Still many argue against banning them.

Here’s the truth about the inherent nature of Pit Bulls:

They look better in your clothes than you do.

They’ll definitely steal your spot on the couch.



A photo posted by Hammer (@apitnamedhammer) on

They’re always baring their teeth at you.

Good luck getting any work done with this beast in your seat.


When you leave the room for a minute and he steals your seat 😂#cute #pitbull

A photo posted by caitlin contino (@caitee_anne) on

They hog the remote.

They obviously can’t be trusted around other dogs.

And, don’t even dare let them around a cat!


♡ #animallove #pitbull #cuddling #lovemonday

A photo posted by Donna (@donnainnes) on

Good luck eating ice cream without an audience ever again.


E chi studia più ..#cuba #pitbull #americanpitbull #icecream

A photo posted by Giulia Gritti (@giuligritti) on

Or any other meal for that matter.


Broccoli, Lentils and a PitBull on the side! #dogsofinstagram #pitbull

A photo posted by Stephanie (@broccolibeach) on


Two words: Bed hogs.


You’ll probably get attacked. With kisses.


#pitbull #domino

A photo posted by Nádia Fialho (@nadiafialho) on

Your children aren’t safe.


Especially babies.

Seriously?! Who even sleeps like that?


So, please, hurry to your nearest shelter and give a home to one of the very best friends you’ll ever know.

Do you share your heart and home with a vicious pit bull? Tell us about him or her in a comment below.

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