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The Sometimes Surprising But Totally True Nature of Pit Bulls

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Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL) is still very common and widespread across the country. Proponents of BSL say Pit Bulls have inherent characteristics that make them dangerous, that these dogs should be banned from hearts and homes around the world forever.

Still many argue against banning them.

Here’s the truth about the inherent nature of Pit Bulls:

They look better in your clothes than you do.

They’ll definitely steal your spot on the couch.



A photo posted by Hammer (@apitnamedhammer) on

They’re always baring their teeth at you.

Good luck getting any work done with this beast in your seat.


When you leave the room for a minute and he steals your seat 😂#cute #pitbull

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They hog the remote.

They obviously can’t be trusted around other dogs.

And, don’t even dare let them around a cat!


♡ #animallove #pitbull #cuddling #lovemonday

A photo posted by Donna (@donnainnes) on

Good luck eating ice cream without an audience ever again.


E chi studia più ..#cuba #pitbull #americanpitbull #icecream

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Or any other meal for that matter.


Broccoli, Lentils and a PitBull on the side! #dogsofinstagram #pitbull

A photo posted by Stephanie (@broccolibeach) on

Two words: Bed hogs.

You’ll probably get attacked. With kisses.


#pitbull #domino

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Your children aren’t safe.

Especially babies.

Seriously?! Who even sleeps like that?

So, please, hurry to your nearest shelter and give a home to one of the very best friends you’ll ever know.

Do you share your heart and home with a vicious pit bull? Tell us about him or her in a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Of Tim Steiner



    And never leave the car door open so the dog can get out and run away. I have been working on “here” but only works in the house. She gets outside and she has an up your nose with a rubber hose attitude. Hard as heck to catch her. According to another pitbull owner, she can’t break her dog even after 13 years. Is there any hope?

  2. Avatar Of April Mehta

    April Mehta


    I have 7 puppies (7 months) and 4 adults and they are all the loves of my life. living in an area where fighting is common and being that their mother is a rescue with aggressive tendencies, I decided to keep the pups too.they can get rough sometimes but mostly they are loving and caring. And with age and training they are growing to be some of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever seen.

  3. Avatar Of Lauren



    I have had quite a few pits over time and I have personally never had any issues with mine. But at the same time I have known of many incidents of them attacking people and causing harm or death. The difference is the ones that are most agressive have usually been bred for the purpose of being mean or they are inbred. In the area I live it's rural and the ignorant people around here want to breed them for fighting. When you have a fighting dog it has a taste for blood that it will never loose. (Same goes for any breed, once they draw blood they can no longer be trusted.) But as others have stated, raised properly, you can't ask for a more loving, protective animal.

  4. Avatar Of My Dog Blue

    My dog Blue


    My daughter had a pitt from a baby til she died of old age. She was the most loving baby ever. I have an almost 7 mo old pitt that loves kids and adults. He's very smart too. He is deaf so I'm teaching him sign language. He knows 12 words so far.

  5. Avatar Of Charlsie



    I own a pit mix who is energetic, rowdy, loving, and protective. He hogs my bed at night or any time I'm in my room. He is always hunting for attention. If he wasn't so energetic and rowdy, he would be fantastic with kids(already is great with kids). He is a cuddle bug that loves to steal blankets. A scardy cat when it comes to storms, gun shots, or any loud bang/pop. He is protective and let you know when something's there. Don't get me started on his attack of kisses! He is my bully and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I also have a golden retriever/rot mix who is beautiful inside and out. Protective when it comes to little ones, all bark and no bite, skittish, sweet, and loving. She has these playful streaks where she wants to play, and it's usually around night time. During the day and when someone comes over, behind the couch she goes! She wouldn't hurt a fly, but a beetle on the other hand…she eats those. lol I love her the way she is. I love both of my babies just the way they are.

  6. Avatar Of Jeffpas



    Of course there are people who love their pets, and if their pet is a pit bull, then they would be tempted to believe that there is nothing negative to be said about the pit bull breed. And their faces are adorable.

    But the fact is the animal shelters are full of abandoned adult pit bull dogs. FULL of them. Some shelters have nothing BUT pit bull dogs. I have seen this myself firsthand, I visited shelters in 3 nearby cities here last week. Some of the bulls seem sweet, but some attack the cages, barking, leaping, frankly I don't see these protective, defensive dogs dumped by their former owners having any chance of them ever being adopted by strangers.
    Likely what happened is they were raised with the expectation of a tough or impressive family guard dog, even trained to be so- until inevitably, they bite a neighbor, child, or city worker and off to the shelter they go.

    There are of course wonderful exceptions but there is obviously a problem showing with this breed. Whether this is genetic, or the result of expectations and raising, I can't say. But dogs should be for love, not war. The deliberate selection of aggressive traits in dogs was a crime, and the victims are these animals, many simply end up abandoned by owners who can't handle them They should not be bred :/

    Is this the fault of the dogs? Not in the least!

    • Avatar Of Mrs. T

      Mrs. T


      My husband and I went to a shelter to adopt a dog, while there, I fell in love with a pit mix he had seen earlier that day and said attacked the cage as he walked by so, he assumed she wasn't friendly.. well we asked to meet her anyway and she came out ran up to my husband and kissed & kissed and kissed him and she proceeded to do that for the next 15 years! She turned out to be the sweetest, kindest, girl as well as "mother" all of the other pups we'd adopted over the years, she was a great "mama", care giver, trainer, protector all the while looking bad a** even though she was just a softy! She was absolutely wonderful with our children and all of their friends, as well as later in life with our grandchildren & nieces, she was the perfect family dog! We're so glad we didn't judge a book by its cover!

  7. I own a French mastiff who was a rescue dog! I am saddened by the way we humans refer to the pit bull as a vicious dog. The mastiff breed is the grandfather of pit bull of today. If we are to eradicate the pit bull then we have to eradicate the mastiff breed as well. I know my mastiff is a scary looking boy but nothing is farther from the truth. He is not aggressive towards others. I know I have to be responsible for him and I don't allow him to go out with out a lead on him. He is in a kennel outside the house. Inside the house, he has an extra large crate that he's put in when I leave so if anything happens, he's safe and the person who has to rescue him just takes the crate and him out. Its your responsibility to safe guard your dog. And I go to great lengths for his safety and yours. It's irresponsible owners who have given mastiffs and pit bulls a bad reputation.

  8. As a dog trainer and proud parent to 4 pit bulls, this is one of the least informative/ useless articles Ive ever read about the breed.
    Cutesy and how many "likes" one can collect on social media has done nothing to help the breed or its reputation.

    Healthy, obedient, balanced and social dogs seen in public is what changes minds, those changed minds force government to move away from useless legislation like BSL.

    Team Pit-a-Full Dog Training & Rehabilitation
    Denver, CO

  9. Avatar Of Suzanne Hayne

    Suzanne Hayne


    Wonderful post! Anti-BSL education is essential to breakdown harmful stereotypes. Since volunteering at a shelter for over a year, and having two pitmixes for five years, I have learned a great deal about the breed, the need for training (of all dogs), and education (of all people).

  10. Avatar Of Eileen Eileen says:

    It could have been a German Shepard or another breed…I found Pitts are the MOST loving adorable gentle BFF And are just greaaaaaat …xx

  11. Avatar Of Terri Montgomery

    Terri Montgomery


    It is unfortunate that this breed has been given such a bad reputation because of irresponsible humans.. Humans should be the ones banned!

  12. Avatar Of Cait



    I personally don't have anything against pit bulls, per se. If they are raised properly, they are loving and wonderful pets. I have several friends who have had great success with their pit bulls. IF they are raised properly, most work out fine.

    It is a shame when there are a percentage of people who mistreat these dogs and encourage them to be mean and it gives the breed a bad name. I have a friend right now who is in ICU with severe injuries from 2 pit bulls that were not raise in a loving manner. She has a long road to recovery, but her spirits are high. This was a situation of the dogs were loose and she was walking with her 7 year old son. She got blocked the dogs from getting to her son, but was attacked in the process.

  13. Avatar Of Galen Creighton

    Galen Creighton


    I am a dog lover bigtime, but my person experience with a Pit Bull recently was very bad. I was out walking my Welsh Corgi, on a leash (Roscoe, not me) when out of nowhere came 2 Pit Bulls running loose. Without provocation, not even a bark from my dog, one of these Pits attacked my dog! It was a really scary experience. Long story short, Roscoe suffered a puncture wound, and with antibiotics and pain meds, he has recovered, physically. He's still very antsy, but I'm hoping that will fade in time. Didn't have an opinion one way or the other on the reputation of the Pit Bull before this attack…….I do now.

    • Avatar Of Cancer



      Your thoughts are just as ignorant and blind as the people who keep that ignorant stereotype going. That could literally have been any other breed of dog, the fact that you automatically assumed that all pits are like that simply because you had ONE bad experience makes you nothing more than a sheep. It also shows how shallow and simple-minded you are.

      • Avatar Of Patty Peters

        Patty Peters


        You are the complete ignorant idiot. If two pits attacked my dog, I would certainly be fearful of the breed. I guess if that "one bad experience", was say his child or himself being attacked,he'd also be a sheep. You give pits a bad name.

      • Avatar Of Broken



        I for one have an intense fear of Pitt Bulls. I have PTSD because I watched as a Pitt Bull attacked my dog without a reason. She had to be put down because the Pitt Bull punctured her liver and broke her spine in 3 places. Someone told me my fear of Pitt Bulls is stupid. It was one time it isn't a big deal. He was wrong just like you "Cancer". I had blamed myself for years. I haven't been the same since and I never will be. I want you to know it you went through what I've been through you wouldn't be calling that person ignorant. If anyone is ignorant it's you.

    • Im not one to tell another what to do, but… you may want to consider that NOT EVERY PIT BULL attacked you and your Corgi.

      In the course of my work (Dog Trainer), Ive been attacked, bitten and nipped more times than I can count. And no one breed dominates the statistics. Ive taken it from Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Corgis, Chihuahuas, Spaniels and many more. I do not blame the breeds… rather, that particular dog… and then not even the particular dog… rather, what that particular dog has endured from human imposed abuse and neglect.

      As our American culture is currently grappling with "To discriminate against Muslims or to not discriminate against Muslims".. not every Muslim in the world was involved with 9/11 and other incidents around the world. Not every Pit Bull is a menace, despite what an opportunistic media or agenda-ridden government tries to shove down your throat.

  14. Avatar Of Sue



    They are so sweet, but do need a strong handler.

  15. Avatar Of Brandy Melton

    Brandy Melton


    Lol all of those things are so true. I have 3 pitbulls, one of them we rescued. All 3 of my Pitts are the biggest babies on the planet. I absolutely love Pitt Bulls they are the most loyal dogs and they love kids. Any breed of dog can be mean if you raise them to be. Just saying.

  16. Avatar Of Sue Sue says:

    In 45 years of rescue I’ve had a number of these dogs. Funny how after I acquire them, even if they’ve been previously disrespected and mistreated (and oh, so many of them are), they mellow right out.

    The last one I had was amazing. I took him at the time he was going to be killed because of his breed. He was a energetic handful as a youngster, but he refused to bite anyone or anything, even if he was attacked. He actually saved me at a campground once, when one of those sacred two-legged creatures tried to rape me. The man thought I was alone, and didn’t know the dog was nearby. He gasped when he saw Otis running toward us. Now, Otis had every reason to bite this jerk, but instead he slowly and methodically pushed his head in between us, moved forward and got his body in between us, and then leaned against the guy to make him move away. The man got a little twitchy, and then pushed on Otis to try to stop him from leaning on him. Otis turned around and chest butted him, knocking him backwards. This lovely man yelled, “He tried to bite me!” and I replied, “Oh no, if he wanted to bite you, he would have bitten you. But he just gave you a warning, and if I were you I’d take the hint and leave.” And, he did.

    This same dog also got in between me and a rattlesnake and would not leave it until I was safely several yards away. In addition, he prevented a robbery at the hotel where I worked as the night auditor, simply by coming up front to put in an appearance as soon as the drunk bastard said “This is a robbery.” He never went above the level of force needed to contain a situation. He was awesomely intelligent; he valued his independence, and I honored that as much as possible.

  17. Avatar Of Carole Moore

    Carole Moore


    By these justifications people who look like Obama should also be banned…

  18. Avatar Of Bob



    Those Pit Bulls are really dangerous. On a number of occasions I’ve been injured by strange Pit Bulls. Those damn tails hurt when they wag them hard and hit you with them. Some have even threaten me by sitting right in front of me preventing me from going anywhere until I said hello and gave them a good scratch and a pet. They are so damn cute they should be banned!!!!!

    • Avatar Of Linda



      Even golden retrievers can be mean and bite.

    • Avatar Of Dodi Traylor

      Dodi Traylor


      Mine sits in front of the door and presses his 90lb body up against it so I can’t leave. My husband or so has to slide him away and hold him so I can get out.

  19. Avatar Of Don Pruette

    Don Pruette


    Pit bulls are a somewhat unique breed in the sense that they have occasional issues with their temperament. It is not the breed’s fault-blame the human race for that one. Their DNA has been selectively altered to suit man’s selfish needs. The animal has no way to control this. What about people who are drug addicts or mentally unstable due to their DNA passed through the bloodline? Humans have a choice and are aware of the consequences-and they still make wrong choices-resulting in harmful and potentially deadly results to themselves and other people and creatures who are innocent victims of their “superior intellect” . Pit bulls are not for everyone-and the idiot public in general needs to be educated on that.They have a protective and territorial nature and due to the instinctive sense that is a part of all animals in the wild, passed through to the present forms, sometimes the sense of weakness in an older person or a child is picked up on by the animal. This is why they are not for everyone . BUT IT DEPENDS ON HOW THEY ARE RAISED. These dogs are one of the most loving and loyal breeds among dogs. They are raised around children everywhere. There should be an adult as the one raising them, giving them a sense of being the boss and keeping things at a pleasant and peaceful level in the home. I believe that these dogs have the unfortunate potential of becoming violent, but ONLY THROUGH BEING TRIGGERED BY BEING FOUGHT OR ABUSED. There could also be issues if one or both of the parents were fought. It is a breed that needs to be understood and supported on these issues-not labeled and discarded or killed.

  20. Avatar Of Logan



    It would be nice if we could ban self absorbed idiots, as it seems to me that such individuals owning pit bulls is the source of the trouble. However this problem extends to such individuals owning any dog breed as well as say them owning a cell phone, which will most certainly be used to text while driving. Seeing as we cannot ban these useless (insert expletive here) perhaps people in general can simply wake up to the fact that there is such a thing as a greater good and that it is their civic duty to respect it, whether that means socializing a dog, in their care, or waiting until you get to where you’re going to check your text messages/facebook.

  21. Avatar Of Lani



    Our blue nose pit Smokie is the most loving dog I have ever owned. Just like ANY animal, they respond to how they are raised and treated. I am not hear to try and change anyone’s mind, but if you would open your heart and home to one of these majestic animals, you would see the love, compassion and proctection they have in their hearts for the one’s they love.

    • Avatar Of Dave



      Lani – I have to whole heartedly agree with you. Until three years ago, I was part of the uneducated – having a strong bias against pit bulls. However, three years ago I was introduced to a 4-year old pit bull named Tiger who needed a home. I reluctantly relented and have since been rewarded with the most wonderful companion – something that I was not expecting. My stance has since changed and I have educated myself more on pit bulls, their reputation (which is well deserved when not raised appropriately) and all the stereotypes which are just wrong (when they are raised in a loving environment).

  22. Avatar Of Al H

    Al H


    When my daughter went to pick up her dog from a shelter I had read everything I could and to be honest, still not sold. The first one we say looked like those you hear about. Scary with yellow (ish) eyes. I then asked the director of the shelter for a “wimpy” one. To my surprise they brought out the mean looking one, called Rusty. . We took him home with his favorite toy in his mouth. I have had dogs, but none as so friendly and a great companion. He knows when I go to work as he looks at me to say goodby but can sense when I am simply running an errand and he is set to go. I, to have heard the horror stories and while I believe them. I don’t believe you hear the whole story. But I am not here to convince anyone but they are simply wonderful dogs.

  23. Avatar Of Jim



    I have a pit bull mix. I have owned labs, Australian Cattle dogs, smaller dogs, too. I have never had a more loving gentle dog than my pit bull – Betty Sue! I love her more than I could possibly express!

  24. Avatar Of Anne



    I have 2 American Staffies right now and I have several in the past…all rescues. Just need to point out that the number one biting dog is the German Shepherd but you will not hear much on the news about that breed because they are used for police work and in the military,I as a little girl was bitten by a German Shepherd but i still find German Shepherds to be a very beautiful breed.

    • Avatar Of Joe Joe says:

      You are full of it – all you have to do is review legal records (all public by the way) to find that your “staffies” outnumber ALL other breeds 5:1 when it comes to biting other animals or humans – even children.

      You don’t hear much on the news, because of the above – no conspiracy. Pit Bulls (aka Staffies) are unpredictable animals.

  25. Avatar Of Lynn



    Dog attacks can be said of any breed. Years ago it was Dobermans and Rottweilers. You hear more of Pitt bull attacks because the news folks want air what they believe to get more attention. It raised and trained and SOCIALIZED they are fantastic pets. But as with any breed if not raised,trained and socialized they can have aggressive natures. This is due to the owners not the Breed.

  26. Avatar Of Jlk



    I am truly disgusted at people that battle back and forth about this subject. NO ONE is truly thinking or stepping into the shoes of the dog’s prospective. Yes, I am swayed to the side of NEVER owning another breed of dog other then a Pit Bull. We have to step back and think…. What if we banned a certain race of people. Where would we be… Well, in this day and age we are doing that! See where that gets us? Fighting and arguing and just making asses out of our selves! Every dog, person, animal, and living thing has a background. What is yours? Would you like to be mistreated? Would you like to be abandoned, not fed, and or killed because of who you are? I truly believe that everyone deserves a chance in life INCLUDING a dog!

    • Avatar Of Philip



      I would never own a pit bull or have one around children, the elderly, or anyone else who is vulnerable. Why? I read of too many maulings, and not just by abused dogs. They can be loyal and well behaved for years, and then–attack. Why risk it? Yes, other breeds bite, but a pit bull, thanks to its manacles for jaws, has the power to do much more damage. Yes, I know, many people will reply defensively, telling stories of wonderful pets and abused dogs turning abusive, hurt dogs hurting, etc.

      It’s interesting to see so many pit bulls as pets these days. When I was young, 40-50 years ago, they were just an answer to a trivia question: what is the toughest breed, best fighting dog, etc. Owning one now has become a fad of sorts.

      • Avatar Of Al H

        Al H


        In fact 40 or 50 years ago you heard very little,of pit bulls. They have been around forever and until the 80s and the start of misinformation they made no news.

  27. Avatar Of Jack Willmore

    jack willmore


    Here’s another reason, they rip the throats out of children and other adults unable to defend themselves. They do this on a level that places them above any similar dog breed. More than occasionally they turn on their masters, or the children in the family in which they are kept. Even then the family is stunned to learn that their dog was “dangerous”. You might as well keep a spitting cobra as pet knowing that for the most part they’re safe.

    • Avatar Of Richard



      Humans also turn on people yet they are not put to sleep. Dogs act the way they are treated.

      • Avatar Of Dave



        Richard, you’re in denial about the animals you love. Understandable, as they are wonderful dogs when they are wonderful (99.9% of the time), but the facts about pit-bull attacks are facts. To suggest that all breeds of dogs are the same (“Dogs act the way they are treated”) is to ignore the reality: pit bulls have an “attack/defend” behavior that rarely and unpredictably emerges, and when it does, the result is usually tragic. I hope it never happens to you or your loved ones, but if it does, you may have a change of heart about the breed.

        • Avatar Of Carolyn



          actually, they want to please their owners. Pitt Bulls were used in Europe as nannies, originally. When I got a Pitt I was afraid until I realized it hurt his feelings. I started looking at him as if he were a cocker spaniel. BIGGEST BABY EVER!!!!

        • Avatar Of Mark T.

          Mark T.


          The argument that pitbulls have some sort of ingrained psychological “attack mode” is ignorant, and any vet, trainer, or animal behavior expert will tell the same. Pitbulls are no more or less “unpredictable” as any other dog. The only difference is that people weaponize them because they are easily trainable, mainly because they are one of the most loyal breeds in the world, if not the very most loyal.
          The “attack/defend” behavior is no more a part of a pitbull than any other dog.

      • Avatar Of Philip




        Some humans who do terrible things to others ARE put to sleep–or put away, where they can’t threaten public safety any longer. Pit bulls don’t get lawyers, but their owners can obtain legal representation.

    • Avatar Of Don



      Same could be said about blacks and Muslims but that would be a biased bigoted statement based solely on ignorance and misinformation. Before you go off and sound like an asshole retard do some research next time. More often than not most “pit bull” attacks aren’t even pit bulls I’ve been bitten by several dogs and not a one was even remotely related to a bully breed. In fact they used to have the nickname nanny dogs or cradle dogs because they literally babysat small children. They got a bad rap when dog fighting became popular and they became the choice breed for gang bangers and drug dealers for their sense of loyalty and strength. If you raise them right they are loving, outgoing, loyal and friendly. Oh and one more thing douche spitting cobras are generally rather skittish and will try to avoid contact with humans next time really do some research before you go off on a tirade. Or even better reduce your carbon footprint and kill yourself

    • Avatar Of Dave Ketterman

      Dave Ketterman


      Its the owners that train them,,,,

    • Avatar Of Jason M Griffin Sr

      Jason M Griffin Sr


      Um usually those attacks involve parents that are bad and careless owns of the dogs.

  28. Avatar Of Arden Allen

    Arden Allen


    I have three pit bulls and a mix who wants to be a pit bull. They adore me, I adore hem, and we get along well most of the time. Don’t be fooled, pits have their limitations and because they are very powerful and well equipped to do damage they should be in a home with people who have no illusions about what a dog can do if not properly socialized, trained and disciplined with both people and other dogs. Pits thrive on strong and compassionate leadership from their humans, a bond that can be stronger than steel. Respect ’em and love them, you’ll never regret having them.

  29. Avatar Of Mike Ball

    Mike Ball


    At sixty-six I’ve owned three Pits: all female. My present one is now six years old and a wonderful pet. With all three I took plenty of time training and have zero tolerance with aggression.
    My neighbor several doors down has one that if you stomp your foot at her, she will run off. Sounds like my second Pit.
    It’s the owner and a lack of responsibility.

  30. Avatar Of Gordon Durocher

    Gordon Durocher


    I transport animals(mostly pit bulls) for badger rescue animal transport services In Wisconsin and have yet to see a aggressive one(although I,m sure they are out there)I have run across aggressive poodles and other small breed dogs but in their defense I think I would be too if I saw a hand reaching for me while in a strange environment.My wife and I have a American pit bull terrier that we got from a friend of ours that was going to foster it after recovering from eye surgery.I was against it at the time never haven,t had any contact with pit bulls except for my brothers two.All I can say now is that they are great dogs and wouldn,t consider having any other breed.When the two I have now are gone to the rainbow bridge my wife and myself are going to foster senior pit bulls.Adopt,don,t buy from a breeder.I am a pit bull lover forever

  31. Avatar Of Rob Thomas

    Rob Thomas


    I’m an EMT, seen several people with chewed up faces and limbs from their wonderful pets. I wouldn’t own a pit, but why ban them, it’s America after all. Plus, I get to patch up all you dipshits and tell cool stories to friends about shoving trauma dressing into someone’s half-face….ha ha

    • Avatar Of Mike Ball

      Mike Ball


      Ha ha? You sound far worse than a dog of any breed.

    • Avatar Of Nifi



      You’re an ass!

    • Avatar Of Doug Doug says:

      ha ha, that’s funny, I am also an EMT and out of all the dog bites I have seen, not one was by a pit bull. Always another dog. I wonder where you work that you would only see that. And as a fellow EMT, you may want to look for another job since your pretty stupid.

    • Avatar Of Jim



      I have a pit bull mix. I have owned labs, Australian Cattle dogs, smaller dogs, too. I have never had a more loving gentle dog than my pit bull – Betty Sue! I love her more than I could possibly express!

    • Avatar Of Al H

      Al H



  32. Avatar Of Cheryl



    My Son and Daughter-in-law have a pit. I keep saying that pit stands for pitiful. She sleeps with my granddaughter every night. When they lived with us, and my granddaughter had a sleepover, Dakota would come in and sleep with my husband and I. We rescued her when momma quit feeding 14 pups. Dakota was bottle fed and was always being carried by us or on our laps. She still thinks she is a lap dog. They got a little kitten (Belle) who tried to nurse off of Dakota. She became the kittens substitute mother. She would pick it up gently and carry Belle from one place to the other without hurting her. When Belle had kitties, Dakota mothered them as well. She would clean them and watch over them. Don’t get me wrong, if someone were to mess with my granddaughter or the rest of my family, Dakota goes into protection mode, which is what she is suppose to do. The only dogs that I have ever been bitten by are small dogs. I have never been bitten by large dogs. Please stop putting all of these wonderful, loving animals into the same category as those who have attacked. I have been hit by a person, does that mean all people are violent?? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it??

  33. Avatar Of Karen Perkins

    Karen Perkins


    I agree with most of the posters here – any dog will bite when threatened. And many dogs become vicious when not properly socialized. And, for some reason, most of the dogs that I have seen that bite, are small dogs. I think this is because their size makes them feel threatened easily. Plus, they are often very, very spoiled. But I think the biggest problem is that when a Pit Bull attacks, the damage he does is often so much worse than other dogs. Even large dogs. Because of the size and strength of his jaw. I have a lab mix about the size of a Pit Bull but her snout and jaw are much thinner. She could certainly hurt someone – and many people are scared of her – but she couldn’t hurt someone as badly as a Pit could. Just saying that this is one reason you hear about Pit attacks. They often result in serious injury and even death.

    • Avatar Of Tm Kelly

      TM Kelly


      Pits do have strong jaws, no doubt. If you put dogs in a situation – running lose, backed into a corner, etc they will attack. Owners have a responsibility with any animal. I have 4 rescues – 1 pit, 1 lab mix, 1 Collie, and our demon – the Jack Russel. Each has characteristics unique to the dog and the breed. Owners must take responsibility for their dogs period.

      My yard is fenced and secure. If I take my dogs out, they are on gentle leaders so I have control at all times. I carry a muzzle in case (I’ve used it once – the Jack Russell). It is just to get the dog in the car. I don’t willingly stay out with a cranky dog anymore than a cranky toddler.

      I can’t, however, control the actions of others. Kids walk up to my collie all the time and touch her without permission. She’s very docile, but not all dogs are. Parents need to train their children safe interaction (including not approaching or touching without permission).

      Our late Corgi was a vicious little beast. We used the same control protocols, but at least once a month when I would say “please don’t try to pet her – she’s high strung and bites” someone would reply “I’m great with dogs…” and put the hand down. Thank goodness for control.

      Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to dogs. Go through the annual list of dog attacks by all breeds. Look at how many had dogs running free, kids unsupervised, or other preventable, mitigating factors. It is 75% or more.

    • Avatar Of Fred fred says:

      you are doing the same thing as people do to pitbulls by throwing ALL little dogs under the bus,stop it!

  34. Avatar Of Seth Solomon

    Seth Solomon


    I have had 3 pitbulls so far. My last one died just a week ago monday. Lady was her name and she was the best dog that I ever had. Everyone would come over and always comment what a wonderful dog she was. We had neighbors who would come to the gate of the house to see Lady and give her a treat. This was the prettiest, playful and loving dog. It helped that she was trained when she was young. I will soon be seeking out another pit very soon. I can only hope she is half the dog Lady was. May Lady lay in peace and hopes she knows how much she was loved and is being missed.

    • Avatar Of Tm Kelly

      TM Kelly


      Seth – my condolences. The worst part about dogs is they live a short time compared to us. Three of my four – one is a pit – are 10, 13 and 14. I’ve rescued all my life. I know how this ends.

      My pit is not trusting but I’ve met quite a few that are just big old babies.

      I’m sure you know this – but a rescue that fosters their dogs is the best way to get a dog whose traits have been vetted.

  35. Avatar Of Bella Bella says:

    I love pit bulls and I’m going against this due to its not the pit bulls fault it’s the owner the way they teach them to be that way it’s called PIT BULL FIGHTING and that breaks my heart and makes me mad So I think pit bulls should stay it’s Gods creation for a reason he does every thing for a reason ❤️❤️❤️

    • Avatar Of Tm Kelly

      TM Kelly


      Bella – I’m a Pit Mommy and advocate, but I have to disagree with you. It is not about how these dogs are raised, but how they are managed. Most rescue Pit Bulls have not been part of fighting (my baby was a bait dog). Even a Pit born in a good home and raised there is still a pit with pit characteristics. Some of what manifests as aggression is part of their personality from birth, which is why Pit Owners have a special obligation to manage their dogs properly.

      When you have a Pit, you must keep the dog under control (off leash is not under control) and mitigate triggers, but that is true of ANY dog. Pits are under a microscope. The best way for Pit owners to advocate for the breed is to make sure there are zero incidents from owner inattention. Dogs act on instinct. As people, we act on knowledge. We know the wonderful side like the big pit head on my shoulder right now and the side that instinctively protects – sometimes too much. As people, we can enjoy the former as long as we manage the latter.

  36. Avatar Of Chuck Holmes

    Chuck Holmes


    you people are morons. I am a cop and I have to constantly pick up the pieces of these dogs… and it’s the same story every time “oh these dogs are so gentle and so sweet and they would never attack a person” or “i raised this dig from a puppy” just because you own one or 4 and it hasn’t bit anyone yet doesn’t mean it won’t (KNOCK ON WOOD). the name says it all PITT BULL!! they were bread to fight. I and the majority of officers around the world as well as EMT personal fully support banning this bread of animal. When will it end?

    • Avatar Of Dee



      Bred, not bread, personnel not personal and again… it’s breed not bread of animal. I’ve never been bitten by a pitbull, but I have by a German Shepherd and a Collie.

      • Avatar Of Stan Cochrane

        Stan Cochrane


        You are the moron. Why don’t you just shoot them all for no reason like many of your ignorant pals do? Don’t you have a rapist, pedophile, or other felon to arrest and really be proud of yourself? Jerk.

      • Avatar Of Stan Cochrane

        Stan Cochrane


        You are the moron. Why don’t you just shoot them all for no reason like many of your ignorant pals do? Don’t you have a rapist, pedophile, or other felon to arrest and really be proud of yourself? It seems to me that your priorities are a little confused. I’m glad you don’t live in my community.

      • Avatar Of Patty Tokonitz

        Patty Tokonitz


        Thanks Dee….obviously, it’s Chuck Holmes who’s the moron….

      • Avatar Of John Johnston

        john johnston


        I agree with the officer and I could care less about his grammatical errors. I am a plastic surgeon therefore always on call for emergency cases. The overwhelming majority of these cases are from Pit Bulls first German Shepherds. I also concur with the officer, the majority of the time injuries are due to the dog suddenly “snapping.” One case in particular the pit bull bit and latched onto the side of the owners face and would not let go. Had he not been extremely cool under such duress otherwise the entire side of his face would have been ripped off.

        • Avatar Of Tm Kelly

          TM Kelly


          So, I’m guessing German Shepherds are the next ones we need to ban. I wonder how that will work since they make up the overwhelming majority of K9 Units.

          What makes a dog perfect for certain types of environments will cause problems in others unless owners know how to manage the dog. This can be true for any dog – not just Pits. Educated, responsible dog ownership will not stop every incident with dogs (Pit or not) but it will drastically reduce the issues. For what is spent on ineffective BSL (because the only way to be sure is genetic testing – courts have said “looks like” is not enough) imagine spending it on proactive education from shelters and the municipality to grant a dog license (rather than a rabies shot).

        • Avatar Of Steven



          JJohnson You sir are ALSO a moron… if you actually even are a doctor than you would know that there are many aggressive breeds who bite more than others. Rottweilers,Dobermans, terriors of all kinds, german sheperds, dalmations. AND I could go on …the point here is singling out a single breed is WRONG period.

          • Avatar Of Osono



            You say he is a moron for reporting his personal experience on the job? He is not the only plastic surgeon to come out and say this. You are the moron, because the breed is not “being singled out”, it singles itself out with unprovoked attacks and mortality rates. The statistics and practically weekly news articles don’t lie. But pit bull nutters do.

    • Avatar Of Christine Walsh

      Christine Walsh


      I am sorry but the fact that you are lumping all American Stafford-shire Terrier dogs into the aggressive list is “breedist”, so I begin to question if your perspective of dogs is also translated into human race, sexuality and so on. A child can be bred to fight… if a living being is constantly put into a situation or raised in a situation where they have to fight/ attack/ kill to survive that is all they will know. They have not experienced the love or compassion. So when you say you’re a cop and you blatantly call all those who love these creatures morons, I think you chose the wrong profession. You sir, give all those wonderful men and women out there with a badge the horrible rap the press emphasizes.

      • Avatar Of Michelle




      • Avatar Of Tm Kelly

        TM Kelly


        This is very true. Pit Bulls are not actually an AKC registered breed. They are often on of several types of terrier. BSL relies on “looks like” a pit bull. Several courts have called that language arbitrary and unenforceable yet we spend tax dollars on these laws because other approaches – like required training for rescuers of any breed – are less glamorous and put the responsibility where it belongs – the owner.

        • Avatar Of Czerny



          BSL is based on appearance alone, and often looks are deceiving. I once met someone with what I thought was a pit; it turned out the dog had had a DNA test which proved that he had NO pitbull in him. BSL is the canine equivalent to racism in humans in which we are judged by skin color and facial characteristics and stereotypes are then attached and discrimination follows.

          Just as with firearms, the media only report tragedies to instill fear and loathing, never all the instances when guns saved lives and pitbulls gave their lives to protect their humans or when officers killed pitbull pets for no reason other than to display their authority.

      • Avatar Of Jcw



        It’s the ignorance of the cop to be so judgmental & so wrong! It’s this narrow minded thinking without any value causing this wonderful breed to be discriminated against. Remember the American Bull Terrier was the nanny dog & the U.S. Military dog for many years. The breed hasn’t changed! It’s the people who make vicious dogs. We have a “PitBull”, just recently needed to put our much loved one euthanized due to cancer. We have a chihuahua & bully who are best friends.

        • Avatar Of Czerny



          My condolences on your loss. Pitbulls have personalities that are larger than life so that when they leave us, we really feel the emptiness they leave in our hearts. In 2012 I lost one pit found as a pregnant stray from kidney disease, her daughter in 2013 from thyroid cancer, a young shelter pit from congenital kidney failure in 2014. I still have a 16+ yr-old pit from the streets who’ll be leaving me soon. Last October, I rescued a 6 yr-old pitbull sight unseen from a NM shelter cross-country. All of these pitbull were from unknown backgrounds, but they were/are all loving, easy-to-train, and gentle. I would have no dog other than a pitbull.

      • Avatar Of Czerny



        Christine, you’re right that “a child can be bred to fight.” Look at the child-soldiers in Africa who are taught to commit atrocities against other humans, or the cases where children hurt other children in awful ways. What should we do about them?

    • Avatar Of Melissa In Norcal

      Melissa in NorCal


      Thank you. I used to have 2 lovely dogs until two worthless pit bulls hopped my 6 foot fence and tore them to shreds. They tried to kill me too, but I was able to get back in my house and call for help. I knew the owner. Nice guy. Young family. Adopted them from a pit bull rescue as puppies. He took them to every class. Socialized them, etc. In the end, those damn dogs did what they do. KILL! I was so glad to see those pits die.

      • Avatar Of Kerstin Grady

        Kerstin Grady


        I’m sorry your dogs were killed but it wasn’t the dogs’ fault. Their owner failed to have them secure. I would never let my dogs, no matter the breed, unsupervised outside. It’s irresponsible. It doesn’t matter the training one does at the beginning, if one doesn’t consistently work on training and stimulating one’s dogs they find their own outlets. 100% of all dog attacks have at least one human element that could have prevented the attack in the first place. When will the emphasis be taken off the breed(s) and put on the human cause where it needs to be.

    • Avatar Of Pit Bull Papa

      Pit Bull Papa


      Maybe you’re the moron? I personally have rescued this breed for over 15 years. I personally had 20 of them TOGETHER in my home at once. They never bit anyone. Maybe you should start blaming the owner before the dog. by the way its not bread it breed or bred depends on which time you screwed it up. Also, its Pit Bull not Pitt. Don’t speak of what you don’t know.

    • Avatar Of Mommasays



      White, wheat or sourdough?

      Seriously though what ghetto do you patrol?

      Im sure being a cop yall dont exactly deal with the best of the best neighborhoods and fine upstanding citizens. These dog types are way over bred and many people havent the slightest clue what they are doing with a large powerful breed/type. Enforcing the laws already on the books, ownership education, spay and neutering and just plain common sense are whats missing in 90% of the problems you see. We have a people problem!

    • Avatar Of Terri Renee

      Terri Renee


      I’d bet money you’re not. Greenville county captain is my uncle in law, greenville county lieutenant is also in my family. I have several EMS/Firefighter friends and they all love the bully breed

    • Avatar Of Joey Pitt

      Joey pitt


      You are a cop my ass . Where Walmart ?

    • Avatar Of Danielle Laird

      Danielle Laird


      I work in a vet office and have seen many, many pit bulls; and you want to know something funny? The other dog that has EVER bit me was a dachshund and that was because I was simply holding her still for the vet, the pit bulls were perfectly fine with their nails being trimmed, blood being pulled, vaccines, etc. and this was because of HOW THEY WERE RAISED. They were raised in loving environments and with the right people. ALL DOGS ARE CAPABLE OF ATTACKING IT IS NOT DEPENDENT ON BREED! It is completely and solely based on how they are raised. If they were taught to fight they will fight. If they were taught to love they will love. Granted some cases a dog does bite a young child but 9 times out of 10 it is because the child hangs on them/pulls on their ears/tails or they just had a bad experience with children (because of what is stated above) that made them afraid and feel the need to protect themselves. But hey what do I know I’m just a vet assistant you must know what you’re talking about considering your a cop

    • Avatar Of Debster



      Not sure where it is that you are a cop but apparently it’s a place that has drastically lowered their hiring standards. As evidenced by your semi-literate, incoherent comment.

    • Avatar Of Michelle



      So you’ve done a survey of all cops and EMTs? I have no problem with others having different opinions but you sir clearly have an attitude.. You’re opening line, calling people morons? Very effective communication / de-escalation skills! As a police officer you should know better. Your aggressive demeanor , your generalizations, and your obvious lack of respect is scary and far more dangerous to society than Pit Bulls are..

    • Avatar Of Michelle



      So you’ve done a survey of all cops and EMTs? I have no problem with others having different opinions but you sir clearly have an attitude.. You’re opening line, calling people morons? Very effective communication / de-escalation skills! As a police officer you should know better. Your aggressive demeanor , your generalizations, and your obvious lack of respect is scary and far more dangerous to society than Pit Bulls are..

    • Avatar Of Seth Solomon

      Seth Solomon


      Another asshole cop ready to pull the trigger no matter what is at the other end. It took you guys less than a minute on the scene over 12 years ago to shoot one of my dogs. Its a long story but in the end there is no reason unless you are under immediate threat to kill anything.

    • Avatar Of Tom P.

      Tom P.


      Chuck Holmes, it’s idiots like you that give cops a bad name.
      Get a life!

      From a retired Paramedic/Firefighter.

    • you are so full of $hit. I live in a town where police visit my shop daily and the town is loaded with pit bulls. never once have I heard any officer from Henderson NC complain about a pit bull being aggressive toward people. I had one at my shop for 14 1/2 years till he had to be put down due to cancer. get your facts right then talk not before . you being a officer you should know better . look me up on Facebook kustom kolor body shoppe 1203 north garnett street Henderson nc

    • Avatar Of Donteventhinkit



      You guys are morons. I am a citizen and constantly pick up the pieces of other citizens…and its the same story every time “oh cops are here to protect and serve, they would never shoot an innocent civilian 36 times” or “he thought your cell phone was an assault rifle”, just because you know one or 4 and they havent murdered an innocent civilian yet doesnt mean he wont (KNOCK ON WOOD). the name says it all POLICE OFFICER!! they are trained to kill. I and the majority of civilians around the world as well as American citizens fully support banning THIS breed of animal. When will it end?

      Works both ways, dummy. I trust a pitbull WAY before I trust a cop. Oh, and come to my house and shoot my dog? It wont end well for you, even if it costs me my life in the process. Not ALL citizens are intimidated slaves…Dont fear my dog, Im the dangerous one.

      And for a cop, your grammar is atrocious.

    • Avatar Of Arden Allen

      Arden Allen


      Unfortunately, even police officers are human. They are not gods (although a few on the sanity margins think they are) and are subject to fear like anyone else. The problem is police officers live daily with the risk they will encounter threats to their safety. A strong and true officer realizes his/her vulnerability and resists the temptation to abandon use of good judgement when under threat. It make no more sense to ban dogs than banning black people or gays because some commit crimes while straight white criminals seem to get a pass in some officer’s minds. We need less hateful cops and more good dog owners.

    • Avatar Of Vern



      First of a I'd like to thank you for your service in doing a job that rest of us would never do. Never being in LE I would never dream of telling you how to do your job. I'm just grateful that you're there to do it.

      That being said, you should never dream of pretending to be an expert on dogs. OF ANY BREED. Have you noticed that no one professing to have dog training experience makes comments sharing your view? Do you think that could possibly be because you have no idea what you're talking about. You're speaking about the shame of Man not of Dog.

      Owning a dog does not make you an expert on dogs!

      Having a bad experience with a dog does not make you an expert!

      Having multiple bad experiences does not make you an expert! It makes you biased.

      Having multiple good experiences does not make you an expert! It makes you complacent.

      Having 25 years of canine behavioral, canon obedience and Schutzhund training makes one an expert (which I am). The fact of the matter is that the Pit Dog is a strong, powerful breed, that for years, has been exploited because of their true breed standard; which is undying loyalty.

      The fact that generations of human waste have exploited that trait because they lack the esteem or testicular fortitude to be real humans has condemned the breed but not the human.

      Dogs learn in two ways and two ways only: instinct and conditioning. They do not have free will and they do not 'just snap' – outside of an abnormal physical anomaly like a brain tumor.

      Scientific tests have shown for years that the chihuahua is far more naturally agressive than a Pit dog. The 15" beagle also continuously performs well underneath the American Pit in behavior and temperance tests.

      I have all the respect for the job you do for us (provided you do it with Honesty and honor, which I think you would). So, with all due respect and appreciation for the job that you do for us, please, Please, PLEASE do not pretend to speak of things that you have no knowledge of whatsoever.

      And if you continue tonspeak of them, please have the decency to condemn the true villian, which is the human owner and not the dog breed.

  37. Avatar Of Melissa Harden Austin

    Melissa Harden Austin


    I have an American Staffordshire Terrier (one of the breeds used to make up the Pit Bull). Once she has her teeth into something, like my bath towel, she won’t let go. She is about 44 pounds love puppy and a big clown. The minute my house mate leaves in the morning, the couch is hers. Also, when she is guilty of something like getting hold of one of his hats or one of my measuring cups or pot holders, she shows her guilt faster than any other dog I have ever had –Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Collies — she immediately runs and hides the minute you mention the missing or chewed up item. If it is something that belongs to my housemate, she runs and jumps in my lap for protection and if it is something of mine, she runs and hides under the coffee table in the den. She’s a mess but I love her to death and I have known Pit Bulls who are just the same. It’s not the dogs that are vicious but owners who train them to be that way. Ban the owners not the dogs. I had a small mixed terrier once who the neighborhood kid accused of chasing him and his buddies to his Dad. I was able to tell his Dad that he and his friend had been throwing rocks at the dog. Many times, I have seen children teasing or tormenting a dog so it is no surprise when the dog attacks and then gets the blame for being vicious and must be destroyed. Owners put cameras in place in your yard to have evidence defending your dog. I have often found bottles and other trash in my yard that kids have thrown at my dogs just because they barked at them when they have come onto my property which is their job.

  38. Avatar Of Michael S. Whitlock




  39. Avatar Of Denise Damanti

    Denise Damanti


    I have two rescued pitbulls and have had several before them over the last 15 years. They’re the best!!! I’ve gotten them all as adults and they’ve all been amazing family pets!

    • Avatar Of Claudia



      It is not the breed. I have met many dogs in my 56 years of life of different types ,mixed breed or pure , small and large. No matter the breed or the size, dogs can get mad when they aren’t cared for properly.

      I met many lovely dogs that changed to vicious. Why? Because their owners didn’t let them socialize with people and animals. They put them on a patio or yard , many chained, and the poor dogs never mix again with the rest of the world. Only think of the effect of being ostracized would have on you. I would go mad myself , always apart from my family and the rest of the world. Wouldn’t you? Other people share time with their dogs but they keep them always on a chain and without sharing time with humans and animals, and they doin’t even let the poor dog sniff a little when they take them out. Others don’t take their dogs to walk and run.

      Another important thing that only few people remember in the moment of getting a dog is if they have the proper state of mind to have a dog. Even a chihuahua can transform in a monster living with an unbalanced human. People who can’t manage life, shouldn’t have an animal : dog , cat or whatever.

      All those things, that many people don’t believe is abuse, make a dog get crazy out of despair and stress. Then someone will say they kept their dog like a baby but he attacked them anyway, and you will believe it. Well, I assure you, they could keep them with every luxury item inside the house but if they are not interacting with the world, not getting enough exercise and living with someone that should go to psychotherapy, they are abusing that dog and preparing a storm.

  40. Avatar Of Judi Darden Judi Darden says:

    I have a rescued pit mix that we got as a skinny underfed puppy. She is the sweetest baby and we love her beyond words and spoil her rotten. We used to have small dogs but Princess is a 30lb lap baby. We share our bed with her too & wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a snuggle bunny, especially in the mornings. She loves everybody.

  41. Avatar Of Theresa



    I have a Pit Bull mix grand dog named Bella Boo whom everyone that meets her instantly falls in love w/ her. My neighbor owns a tiny Taco Bell dog named Killer which they always have to warn other dog owners including pit bull owners that that silly dog will bite. Bella loves to go riding in the car. I swear there is a person in this dog. A good one, better than a lot of people. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you deranged idiots. HA!

  42. Avatar Of Llew Keller

    Llew Keller


    I’m neither for or against Pit Bulls. But I have to wonder – do we see all these stories about horrendous PB attacks because they are more likely than other dogs to attack, or because the media are more tuned in to stories about violent PBs?

    Remember the “epidemic” of car-jackings in the 90s. It turned out there were no more car-jackings than previous, it was just that the press and the media were writing more stores about it and drawing attention to the problem.

    Any breed of dog (just like a human) can turn vicious in bad circumstances. The French woman who required a face transplant a few years ago had been attacked by a Labrador Retriever, generally the most gentle of dogs.

  43. Avatar Of Pam Pam says:

    People like this know nothing about the breed and just love to hear themselves talk. I wonder how old you are— do you realize that our grandparents choice of family dog was the Pit Bull / What kind of dog do you think they used to sell Buster Brown Shoes or was in Our Gang—- they were pit bulls.I have a rescue pit and so does my daughter- they are the most wonderful, loving , just want to be with you dog I’ve ever had.He’s great with kids, tots, cats, and all people, including the mail man. I’d like to know how many times these so called attacks were brought on by people , including kids mistreating the dogs.And then of course we have those wonderful people who participate in dog fighting and then people like you condemn the dog breed instead of these depraved individuals.I really don’t think you’re an animal lover at all.Just like people there are good and bad and you need to know the whole story, but you don’t and shouldn’t condemn the breed.

  44. Avatar Of Carol



    I have known pit bull dogs most of my life. I have seen bad pit bulls and good ones . It is the people that make a dog bad – poor dog gets a bad rep. People that train pit bulls to be mean are the ones that need to be fined, jailed or whatever – not the dog.

  45. Avatar Of Traci



    Yes, so called pit bulls have attacked more animals than other dogs in the last 15 years or so because there are more pit bulls, mixed and pure bred, in this country right now than any other breed of dog. The shelters and rescues are full of pit bulls and incidentally Chihuahuas. It is a people problem, not a dog problem. These dogs were bred to fight because of their strength, pain tolerance and loyalty to their humans. It is ridiculous that we punish a dog for a situation humans created.

  46. Avatar Of Scott



    When is society going to stop being so disillusioned about a pit bulls the breed is paying for our
    own stupidity why does no one get this. We allow people who kill others a second chance but not a breed of dog that is taught to fight and be aggressive by people that’s stupid

  47. Avatar Of Steve M.

    Steve M.


    I’ve had pit bull dogs all my life and never have I had a single problem w/this breed.They are loving, playful, &courageous.Like all dogs,they a part of the family. At 70lbs,mine still thinks he is a lap dog & craves nothing but love & attention from anyone who comes to visit. To send messages that this breed should be eradicated is just stupid. Most people are scared of the stories they are told from others who have been misinformed and don’t bother to really find out the facts. All breeds can cause problems.

    • Avatar Of Amiacalva



      You’re delusional. Pits maim and kill because they were developed for just, and only, that purpose. A chihuahua may attack as many people as a pit bull, but when its done the victim only has a few punctures in his/her hand. I used to live next to a German Shepherd mix that would try to bite my son through the fence. I began punching the dog when it came at me, and when it didn’t come as close resorted to a 2×4 for extra reach. It stopped trying to attack us. Had it been a pit i have no doubt i would have had to stab it to death, but i’m a full grown rowdy man, not some little girl or old woman like so many of your pit victims we read and hear about. I’m all for putting your pits to death.

      • Avatar Of Dude



        Correction, you are the delusional one. You clearly know nothing about dogs if that’s your stance. A simple google search would show you that Pit Bulls were bred to be “Nanny Dogs”. If you need to google what a “nanny” is, I understand. Everyone in the world with half a brain knows it is the owners and not the dogs. Are there inherently bad dogs? Yes, just like there are inherently bad people. But 9 times out of 10, a dog that attacks people or is aggressive towards people is made that way by a terrible owner. Your outlook on Pits is disturbing and, quite frankly, incredibly ill informed.

        • Avatar Of Moneyhelpsss Moneyhelpsss says:

          Pit Bulls is a dog that was bred to fight bulls in the pit. But any dog that went in was a pit dog. The Bulldog was one of the first. Then the Old Bully dog etc. The dog has bad trainers and you have bad dogs that nee to be used for hunting in the country

        • Avatar Of David



          Funny to actually hear somebody claim someone else is ill-informed that uses the ‘Nanny Dog” myth to try and prove it. Try googling the Nanny Dog myth, you will find the term was invented in 1971 by a pit bull breeder that was killed by her own pit bulls just a little while later. My vet tells me that anyone that considers a pit bull as a pit doesn’t like dogs or animals. Of course that is because he is aware of the fact that 6% of the dog population of the United States is directly responsible for over 90% of the deaths and maulings of people and other domestic animals.

      • Avatar Of Dinnora



        No two dogs are exactly alike – everything depends on training, temperament and socialization.

      • Avatar Of Scott



        You are a idiot

        • Avatar Of David



          …And Breeding. Retrievers retrieve, hounds track, shepards guide and pit bulls fight (for fun).

      • Avatar Of Pette



        All i can say Amiacalva is your a ass..I have had pit bull for over 30 years..Not one problem..It’s how they are raised, just like any breed..So get your head out of your ass..

      • Avatar Of Fed Up

        Fed up


        You clearly have never been around a loving pit bull. You’re completely out of your mind for saying that you’re all for putting pit bull’s to death. Many of us love our pit bull’s because they are our family. You’re crazy idiot/animal abuser.

  48. Avatar Of K.j.b.



    who ever started this is completely crazy, the problem with any dog is NOT the dog but the owner, I work with animal control with the local sheriffs office and I have a pit bull, the most loving dog you can ask for, any dog will do what a pit bull does, it’s the owner, not controlling their dog. so, let’s ban the owners who do not take responsibility for their actions which if you look deeper into that that is what you’ll find. They are the first ones to condemn the dog. which is bullshit, when it is them who should be arrested(Owner) I will fight for the pit bull to the wall and will fight to the bitter end for them.

  49. Avatar Of Bee Gee

    Bee Gee


    It’s been just over a year since I had to put down my beloved Maya (a very pretty pit/lab mix). She was literally my best friend for almost 10 years. She left behind her “adopted son” “Smokey” (Pit/Chow/Sharpe’ mix, and the most loveable animal you could ever meet despite the presumptions of his breeds) now approaching 9 years old. I’ve had muts and a boxer in the past, all have been the same. Loving, loyal companions and full-family members. In 56 years I’ve not come across a pit that presented him or herself to me in a threatening manner or one where I found myself “afraid” simply because of their breed or appearance. Moreover, I have had those feelings around other breeds i.e. dobermans, German Shepherds and Rottweile, to name a few.

  50. Avatar Of Kathy



    I have a 11 year old pit bull and she is my best friend and a crazy character. The only thing that bothers me is when someone comes to the door and she barks like crazy and carefully peeks her head around the corner just I case it’s a bad guy!

  51. Avatar Of Tina Tina says:

    Yes at one time I believed all the hype about the breed until I was able to be around one that was far from the hype that was always heard about..then I had to have one well 2 actually .. and they were a mix pittbull/mastiffs.. very loving to my kids and myself .. we now only have one due to poisoning of one of our babies.. He had gotten out of the fence and had gotten into something he wasn’t supposed to .. but our female is still with us and is so loving .. I have had her since she was about 10 weeks old .. and I wouldn’t trade her for the world .. the worst thing she may do to ya is knock you down so she could clean the back of your eyeballs .. unless you try to hurt her family .. they are very loving and caring animals if given the chance .. THE ONES THAT SHOULD BE PUT DOWN ARE THE ONES THAT HURT THE ANIAMLS TO BEGIN WITH … I had seen a post one time when a cop had the nerve to shoot a pit between the eyes .. the pit was scared and injured already … because the cop didn’t know how to handle the dog they had gotten one of those animal poles which didn’t help the pit out any .it tried to run and the cop shot it point blank after already shootin it in the hind quarter… I wanted to shoot the cop…what do you do when youre out numbered and scared.. some will run others will try to defend themselves… and so do 4 legged animals … I would leave my grandchildren with our loving Storm if I could .. as she would never let anything happen to them … she would be the perfect baby sitter for them … LOVE TO MY STORM..

  52. Avatar Of Shea



    I enjoyed this article very much. So much info on Pit Bulls have taking a wrong turn because the people who report it have no clue what they’re talking about. Pit bulls are loving ,caring animals and to have a breed ban on them is unethical. I wish some how there was a way to take all the pups from those shelters and allow them to be with caring families all over the world. Maybe one day this country will see how amazing it truly is to call a Pit Bull family.

  53. Avatar Of Lee lee says:

    how about spending all that time and effort punishing people who are using this breed for the wrong reason.Punish the deed not the breed was the campaign that passed in our area when they tried to ban the breed.

  54. Avatar Of Conniek9



    The problem here is that the bullie breeds arent for everyone. Not everyone can give these guys what they need to keep their instincts in check and be a good canine citizen. When left to their own ways the result is horribly tragic. The thing that really bugs me is the shelters are full of these guys the death row pictures I see from the shelters in NY are mostly pit breeds. Even the local shelter has an abundance of these dogs. This is horribly tragic. I wish people would stop breeding these guys they are just not for everyone but with that said neither are Chihuahuas.

  55. Avatar Of Star



    Best dogs in the whole world. I raised them for 30 years I stopped only because I was having more and more strange people wanting one of my babies. I saw (and reported) so many people fighting them and more pit bulls showing up in shelters. It was unbearable to think my dogs would ever be forced into that position. The last of my pits lived with me until they were well into their late teens. They lived a wonderful life and I did too as long as they were with me. I miss them so much.

  56. Avatar Of Katherine



    I have 7 grandpitties……….. precious sweethearts …………. I love them all

  57. Avatar Of Dave



    I have a sweet pup. Some people lim,e to call him a “pit bull” but he’s part staffie and part huskie. He’s been trained to love other animals and all people and that is how he is…in love with every living thing around him at all times. People are the problem and NOT the dogs. How many people that own these dogs enjoy teaching them how to be nasty just for show? How many of these people treat their dogs with no kindness, affection or love? If you teach a dog properly the risk is almost non existent to any other living thing. My pups best friend is the little kitten he rescued from a ditch after being snowed under by a plow. He snuggles the other dogs all day every day and cuddles the kitten all night long. People are stupid and it is them that need to be trained on how to raise a dog properly.

  58. Avatar Of Kad



    Shortly after being “rescued” from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation, a “Vicktory” pit bull at the Best Friend’s Animal Society chewed through 2 fences to attack and tear the head off of another dog, named Bean, who was kept there, before attacking another “Vicktory” pit bull, resulting in serious injuries.

    Ironically, now that dog fighting is outlawed (supposedly for humane reasons) the number of animals harmed by put bulls every year is at an all time high, which begs the question: what is the point of outlawing dog fighting while allowing these fighting dogs to proliferate?

    So we now have this oversupply of “working dogs” whose “work” is now considered a crime, so long as it occurs in a formal setting. If 2 willing pit bulls are allowed to square off in the ring, it’s a crime. But if a pit bull “goes to work” on an unwilling animal, tearing the victim apart, it’s not a crime. How is that in any way humane?

    In a 2012 study Pit bulls inflicted 99% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280). 17barks.blogspot.com/2014/01/its-slaughterhouse-out-there.html

    Owners who can’t even ADMIT what these dogs were designed for (HINT: it involves a PIT and a BULL) have little chance of NOT failing their dog. You’re not helping with crap articles like this.

    • Avatar Of Ashley



      First of all your example of why this breed is so bad is because a dog who was TRAINED to attack other animals did what it was trained to do. That is the fault of the person who did the training, not the dog.
      Second the only true pit bull is the American Pit Bull terrier. Almost none of the dogs identified as a “pit bull” belong to that breed. There are actually several different breeds that people commonly refer to as pit bulls and any mutt with a “bully breed”(bulldog, boxer, etc) in the mix, gets called a pit bull by people who don’t know any better.
      The numbers in the so called study you refer to are completely inaccurate. The attacking animal can not even be identified in such a high pecentage of animal attacks so there is no way to say that pit bulls are responsible for them.

    • Avatar Of Bekka



      Actually, you might want to do your research – these dogs were bred for work. Farm work. They were used for general farm work, hunting wild pigs, bears, and other large game, guarding the homestead and for general companionship by the early American settlers. A dog that has been taught to fight to survive will do just that – fight. But just as they have been taught to fight, they can be taught to love. Have a guess who teaches them to fight? Humans. I can show you statistics about Beagles attacking, or cats causing major injuries – hell, even the dog whisper dude dealt with a dog that killed a pig – was it a PBT? NO. Or the dog that killed a baby in Australia a few years back – was that a PBT? NO How about instead of running down an entire breed on the basis of what you see on the news and the intrawebs (cause we all know THAT’S always 100% correct), you try something else. Maybe you could try seeing the deed, and how the dog has been trained/treated, rather than blaming the breed.

    • Avatar Of Derek



      Bloviate much? Your facts are wrong and your cause is ignorant.

    • Avatar Of Mary Bishop Olson

      Mary Bishop Olson


      This study of yours…did the guy drive a beat up van with tinted windows?

      These Were Michael Vick’s Fighting Dogs. Where They Are Now is Beautiful.

    • Avatar Of Steve. The Proud Owner Of 2

      Steve. The proud owner Of 2


      You need to analyse your response ( shortly after being taken away from Mike Vic) so who made that confused dog? So let’s just say they all are that way.Your comment has no merrit.

  59. Avatar Of Jac



    Great story it’s people that need to be trained to proper dog handling skills. Chains do not make good pets especially with highly intelligent and loving animals. Would you put a very active child on a chain or in restraints and expect that child to remain loving and intelligent?

  60. Avatar Of Brandy



    I have a tit bull(and yes I meant tit not pit) there is nothing bad about this breed. My Deisel is my baby and he would hurt nothing but a biscuit. Love my bully to peices.

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