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TRY THIS: Create Your Own Animated Doggy Dance Party!

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What’s more fun that a dancing dog? A whole doggy dance party!

I Created A Dance Party On My Weird Uncle Joe'S Bald Head! (Uncle Joe Doesn'T Like Dogs - Told You He Was Weird!). This Is Just A Screenshot, The Live View Is Animated And Hilarious! You Can Make Your Own Doggy Dance Party On Any Background Your Choose - Be Creative! Then, Share It With Your Friends.  Http://Bit.ly/Rszdnc
I created a dance party on my weird Uncle Joe’s bald head! (Uncle Joe doesn’t like dogs – told you he was weird!). This is just a screenshot, the live view is animated and hilarious!
You can make your own doggy dance party on any background your choose – be creative! Then, share it with your friends.

You’ve got to check out this hilarious new website, www.DogGifParty.ca. Misfits™, a new line of Canadian dog treats, just launched a brand new website where dog lovers can create their very own online doggy dance party – and it’s downright hysterical! (And totally addicting!)

There are 15 adorably silly dancing dogs to choose from – invite as many as you like to your party. Choose Hip Hop, Latin, Electro, or Disco tunes, then add your party venue and let the fun begin!

Make Your Own Dancing Dog Street Party! Http://Bit.ly/Rszdnc
Make your own dancing dog street party! 

Dog GIF Party includes four fun backgrounds to use, but you’ll love uploading your own to create a dancing dog party anywhere in the world – you can even host a party on your weird Uncle Joe’s bald head like I did!

When your very own custom doggy dance party’s hoppin’, you can share it (and the laughs) with your friends!

Don’t forget to share – we wanna see your most creative parties!

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  1. Avatar Of Kat Kat says:

    Haha! I was thinking of creating one on a bald person’s head too 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Susan Tiu

    Susan Tiu


    This is super cute!

  3. Avatar Of John Davis

    John Davis


    Good work! 🙂

  4. Avatar Of Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor


    Is it not just this idea, giphy.com/gifdanceparty/ with tacky branding vomited all over it?

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