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TSA Finds Stowaway Dog Packed Inside Owner’s Checked Luggage

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Has your dog ever jumped inside your suitcase while you’re packing for a trip? Maybe they’re thinking you can’t leave if you can’t pack. Or, they’re hoping you’ll bring them along. Either way, make sure they’re not in the suitcase when you zip it up and head for the airport.

One frazzled pet parent had to learn the hard way to double check her suitcase before zipping it up next time.

After checking her bags and heading off for the terminal, TSA agents at LaGuardia Airport in New York City were prompted to search a checked piece of luggage when their scanning equipment sounded the “unknown-contents alarm.”

They found a Chihuahua inside!

TSA posted about the incident to their popular Instagram page, where they frequently post about the scary, stupid, and strange things passengers try to get past airport security.

The dog’s owner insists the incident was an accident. For the sake of our faith in humanity, we have to believe her.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Jerri



    I know some people say that is ridiculous, how can you not notice that? but our chihuahua hides under blankets and he’s so little, he doesn’t make much of a lump. and you can stand there and call him over and over, and sometimes he won’t come out. I had to tell my girls not to play ‘hide and seek’ w/ him, don’t make this a game, as he could get hurt sometime, someone not knowing he’s hiding somewhere – laundry basket, blanket, etc.

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