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Most Expensive Puppy Ever Sells for $2 Million!

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Though the love and companionship our dogs give us is priceless, $2,000,000 for a four-legged cuddle buddy is a little steep for a vast majority of the world’s population to spend.

But, that’s reportedly what a Chinese property developer just dropped on a golden-maned Tibetan Mastiff puppy.

The Qianjiang Evening News reported the Chinese businessman paid 12 million yuan, or roughly $1.9 million, for a one-year old, 90-pound dog at a luxury pet fair in Zhejiang yesterday.

The Tibetan Mastiffs, a very rare breed known for their lionesque hair and enormous stature, have become a status symbol in China. Owners and breeders believe the dogs have lion’s blood pumping through their veins.

The 56-year old businessman, who was not named, reportedly plans to breed the dog, a venture that could earn upwards of $16,000 in “stud fees” each time the dog produces a litter.

In 2011, a red-maned Tibetan Mastiff sold for $1.5 million, at that time, the highest recorded price paid for a dog.

Can you even imagine how many homeless dogs could be saved with $2,000,000?

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  1. Avatar Of Jennalynn jennalynn says:

    I wish I had a dogs or puppys I never had one I wish I had one

  2. Avatar Of Kathy Rainwater

    Kathy Rainwater


    I hope this dog becomes family as all dogs should. I understand spending money on a breed you like, although in this case somewhat excessive. I hope you donate to many of the rescues that can be found all over the world.
    But 2M? Really? Find some worthy dog rescues and put your money to good use and save thousands of lives. You could make a real difference. And while you’re looking, there are a lot of people who could use a but of help.

  3. Avatar Of Mona Brock Mona Brock says:

    That doesn’t get in this word yes word is full of dogs that need a home why not use that money for good and save dog. Puppy cats that are kill every day i’m so sick of seeing people out there with money buying home after home car after car when people and animal go with out food and a place to live just so you all can blow your money on crap you can only life in one home and drive one car I wish I had haft money the you have pissed away to save lives

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