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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

2. Warning Barking:


A warning bark is one of the more rare types of barks heard by pet parents. It is typically a single short, sharp “woof” meant to give warning about a particular threat, most commonly followed by the dog retreating or leaving the scene if they are able.

Unfortunately, humans very rarely understand this communication from their dog which often leads to the dog becoming frustrated and, in turn, continuing to bark more, particularly if they are on leash or contained in the home or yard where they cannot escape the perceived threat.

How to stop warning barking:

Because a warning bark is typically a single bark, and your dog’s way of announcing a perceived threat, it’s not necessarily a bark you want to stop. However, you should acknowledge this bark and deal with the threat to avoid it evolving into the problematic fear or aggressive barking that most commonly follows.

Do not punish or reprimand a warning bark – this is very important. If a dog learns that a warning bark is not allowed, he’ll skip the warning and go straight to reacting to the threat. To address a warning bark, the owner should show the dog that he understands the message by taking responsibility in dealing with the threat.

Calmly place yourself between the dog and the source of the threat. This action is a visual cue to the dog that his warning bark was understood. Then, quickly remove either the dog or the source of the threat to prevent it from escalating into something more serious.

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