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UPDATE: Army Private’s Stolen Dog Found, Family Refuses to Return Him

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When Army Private First Class Katelyn Gallagher left in May for basic training, she entrusted the care of her beloved dog, Buck, a 5-year old Bloodhound, with a friend. But when she returned home last month, she learned that her “friend” had sold her best buddy.

After news of losing Buck spread last week, Gallagher received tips that finally helped her locate him.

She tracked Buck to a home located in an east Cleveland suburb. Katelyn says police went to the home, and the family told an officer that they received the dog from Angelo Sullo, the person who was to watch Buck while she was away on leave.

But, even after learning the truth about Buck, the family is refusing to return him to his rightful owner.

“Words will never be enough to explain how grateful I am or be able to explain the flush of emotions I felt upon finding Buck’s location, “ Katelyn explained to Fox8. “I am so thankful that he is alive. Unfortunately, my heartache is not over though. I am sorry for the family Angelo Sullo gave Buck too. I know how amazing of a boy my Buck is, so I can understand how this is a shock for them. Sadly, the family is not willing to return my boy to me. They act as though he should be theirs. I am heartbroken. I am begging this family to do the right thing.”

Gallagher offered to pay any fees for the family to adopt another dog in exchange for the return of her beloved boy.

“He is very, very, sweet,” Gallagher said. “I got him when he was 9 months old. He is like my son, he is my best friend. I really want him back. This has been very difficult for me.”

Now, it looks as though Gallagher will need to file a civil lawsuit. It will likely be up to a judge to determine Buck’s rightful owner.

Meanwhile, Angelo Sullo has pleaded not guilty to petty theft charges.

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  1. Avatar Of Mia Basqua

    Mia Basqua


    Disgusting, selfish people. I hope they are found guilty of receiving stolen property. And then I hope karma just makes their lives suck in general.

  2. Avatar Of Lynn



    If he is found guilty or plea bargains a guilty verdict, then Buck becomes “stolen property” and as such, the other family is in “possession of stolen property” and can be filed on themselves if they remain hard headed. This is Texas criminal law and may not work the same where you are.

  3. Avatar Of Shirley Stoelzle

    Shirley Stoelzle


    I’m sick over the pain the owner is going through. The family that bought him must have no idea how strong a bond a dog owner can have with a dog or they are terribly insensitive.

  4. Avatar Of Dawn



    Seriously they need to give the dog back. How would they feel if the situation was reversed. Hopefully this guy will be found guilty and then the family will have received stolen property and should have no choice. If they wait till that point I would recinde the offer to help them get another dog, they are terrible people.

  5. Avatar Of Joan Dufresne

    Joan Dufresne


    Her dog was stolen, why aren’t they arresting the “sitter” and getting her property back, because in the eyes of the law a dog is considered property, like a car or TV. They’d get a car back so why not a dog?

  6. Avatar Of Sarie



    Come on people- you don’t get to keep a stolen car just because you bought it from a thief- return her damn dog ya creeps.

  7. Avatar Of Miriam Miriam says:

    I hope the army private take these people to court they are not the rightful owners of Buck and the so called friend had no right to sell her dog to begin with. Justice needs to be done.

  8. Avatar Of Lynn Snyder Lynn Snyder says:

    I believe that Private Gallagher should get her dog back. However, if she is still active duty and will be leaving again in the near future, Buck might be better off where he is..

  9. Avatar Of Carrie



    Good luck on getting your dog back bless you and hang in there

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