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Use Clicker Training For a Stubborn Dog

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Are you behavior training your dog but the pooch just does not want to cooperate? This is not unusual as some breeds can be very stubborn and bull headed. They are trainable with a little incentive and this is where you use clicker training for a stubborn dog. Believe me when I say he or she will begin to pay attention in short order when a clicker is used. Let’s take a look into this form of dog training.

I should say up front clicker training for a stubborn dog is NOT a substitute for your short comings as a dog trainer. Clickers should only be used in conjunction with competence as a dog trainer.

Clicker training a dog is a method of “positive reinforcement” dog training. When you give the dog a command and he responds as expected, you reward the dog with a click the clicker and the treat. The dog will very quickly associate the clicking sound along with the treat means he or she has obeyed as you desired. This fosters further desire in the dog to obey commands.

There are positive benefits to clicker training a dog. Top among these is the positive reinforcement method of dog training is far and away the preferred method used by professional dog trainers and the average canine owners like you and I.

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