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Postal Workers to Use Paw Print Mailbox Stickers to Identify Homes with Dogs

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In an effort to reduce dog bites on postal workers, the USPS has launched a program that identifies homes with potentially dangerous dogs with a paw print sticker adhered to the mailbox.

Postal Workers To Use Paw Print Mailbox Stickers To Identify Homes With Dogs - The Dogington Post

Postal service customers that share their homes with dogs may soon notice a paw print on their mailbox. The stickers are part of a Postal Service program that began in select cities last November and continues expanding. The program is aimed at preventing dog attacks on letter carriers.

Letter carriers will place the paw print stickers on mailboxes, where appropriate. A yellow sticker indicates a dog resides at the next delivery address. An orange sticker means a dog resides at that address.

If a customer objects to having a paw sticker placed on their mailbox, he or she can call their local post office to request it be removed.

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  1. Avatar Of Don The Computer Guy

    Don the computer guy


    If you don’t want a sticker on your mailbox…Tell the mail delivery person that you DO NOT wish to have one on your mailbox. BUT, if you do have any type of dog and it does bite someone you are going to be held liable for all sorts of things… The USPS is just trying to say hey, there may be a dog near here, or at this residence that has or may look like it may possibly be a threat to someone that the dog doesn’t know…WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL IN HELPING OTHERS STAY OUT OF POSSIBLE HARMS WAY?

  2. Avatar Of Laura Rutledge

    Laura Rutledge


    Has the postal service considered, by placing these stickers on peoples mailboxes, that they are alerting potential animal thieves of the presence of pets in/at the address? Who is liable for a potential pupnapping if a persons pet is stolen? The postal service? Going to hold the homeowner liable for an incidence, what about the postal service? Or will they tell the homeowner they are SOL???

  3. Avatar Of Kim Rheault

    Kim Rheault


    I have an orange sticker on my box. My dog is 10 pounds and doesn’t bite. Every neighbor in my circle has a dog but no sticker on any other box??? I’m confused as to how or why I have been singled out!?

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