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Veteran and Service Dog Kicked Out of Virginia Mall

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Joshua Brown is a veteran that suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depends on his service dog to return to living a normal life.

Last Friday, Brown and his dog were kicked out of Greenbriar Mall in Chesapeake, Virginia after they were approached by several security guards, including a supervisor, and told that the mall was private property.

Brown told 13 News Now that the experience triggered his PTSD, immediately sending him into a panic attack.

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  1. Not only is this illegal, according to the ADA. I myself have a service dog for a few different things. Anyone who understands the law knows, you cannot ask a person what “service” the dog provides. The dog also does not have to, by Federal law, be marked as a service dog. My dog DOES wear a service dog jacket only because it makes life easier, NOT because it’s required. Finally, according to Federal law, as far as I understand it, anywhere the public is allowed access to, a service dog HAS to be allowed access as well. It does not matter if it is private property or not! What the security officers, probably unknowingly, did. Is discriminate against the disabled. A service dog is a tool, just like a walker, wheelchair, hearing aids, etc. It’s just a living, breathing, tool, with feelings and an emotional connection to it’s handler. I trained my dog myself, legal according to Federal law, and this misunderstanding when it comes to the Federal laws, is very angering to me. I have been able to learn the laws, simply by going online, to the ADA website and taking the time to study the laws, over and over again. I have extensive learning disabilities, dislexia, and a head injury. But I was determined to learn the laws, and to understand them. Anyone in any form of law enforcement, should know and understand the laws. Whether you are a security officer, or a full blown detective, it should be required. I should not know and understand the laws better then anyone in that line of work. Right now, depending on what you are hired as, it is very possible that I could know and understand the laws better. Very upsetting in this day and age!

  2. Avatar Of Debi Behnke Debi Behnke says:

    This I feel is because of all the’Emotional Support Dogs’ that people are currently trying to pass off as a necessary need. You can look at YouTube and actually see ads for faking your pet.
    I have a PTSD Service Dog also and after spending 4 years stuck in my house I am currently capable of now going a very limited amount of places (mall is still to scary).
    But the biggest thing is that the public needs to be educated….and NO you cannot pet my dog!

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