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Veterinarian Pilot Named Person Of Week

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On Friday of last week (7/12/13), veterinarian Dr. David Crouch was named “Person of the Week” by our local ABC-TV affiliate, WLOS.

Dr Crouch does no-cost surgeries for the local rescue shelters on injured dogs and cats “…that need a little help.”

The shelter managers admit that this saves many dogs and cats that would have to be euthanized otherwise, both because of the shelters’ lack of funding to pay for the surgeries, and the fact that injured pets are almost never adopted.

By giving them that “little bit of help”, Dr Crouch turns these otherwise doomed animals into healthy, normal, adoptable pets!

In addition, one of Dr. Crouch’s hobbies is flying, and on weekends he flies pets around the country as part of the “Pilots N Paws” network.

Dr. Crouch states that he “…has the perfect life.”

The story of what he does is interesting, and you may like to watch the WLOS feature by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Louise



    I love animals,veterinarians and flying…even have a crash landing license for a twin engine Cessna…will you marry me?

  2. Avatar Of Sondra Kelly Sondra Kelly says:

    Dr. Crouch definitely has a place in heaven. He is beyond recognition. He’s definitely a saviour to our beloved companions. I hope more Vets will follow his example.

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