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Veterinarians Said He’d Never Walk Again… 5 Years Later He Proves Them All Wrong!

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They say time heals all things. They also say that miracles do happen. One very special little dog is proving, against all odds, that these statements are true.

On July 4th, 2011, a small, white dog was found abandoned at the front door of the Rhode Island SPCA. “Indi” was barely clinging to life, emaciated, covered in mats of hair so tightly tangled around injured legs that he couldn’t walk. He had been left there to die.

The wounds to his legs were so bad that the bone was exposed. His limbs were fixed in a flexed position due to two years spent crouched in a crate that was too small for him to stand.

He had Lyme disease, was infected with heartworms, his toenails had been unclipped for so long that they were growing into the pads of his feet. His skin had been scalded by urine.

The whole world rallied around Indi, offering donations and prayers for his recovery. And, after intensive treatment and medical care, he pulled through.

Still, veterinarians said he would absolutely never walk again.

A Good Samaritan stepped forward and offered her home as a permanent foster for Indi. She vowed that he would one day walk again.

Now, nearly 5 years after veterinarians gave him a 50% chance to live and a 0% chance of ever walking again, 12-year old Indi has beat all the odds.

Veterinarians Said Hed Never Walk Again... 5 Years Later He Proves Them All Wrong The Dogington Post

Not only can Indi walk again, he can run, too! He chases squirrels in the backyard. He plays with a feline best friend. His foster mom says he’s happy and living life to the fullest!

The Rhode Island SPCA says Indi’s story is one of hope, of never giving up no matter how dark the future may seem.

Indi’s abuser was caught and charged with animal cruelty, but he never served a day in jail. Click NEXT

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