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VIDEO: 2-Legged Chihuahua and Fluffy Chicken Become Best Friends!

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When Penny, a Silkie Chicken, was just 9 weeks old, she was rescued from a tough life as an experimental testing subject. Instead of being disposed of when her usefulness to the experiments was over, she began a new life as a spoiled house chicken.

But, Penny would sometimes become lonely at home alone during the day, so her new mom began bringing her to work at the Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia where she quickly became friends with the entire staff, the hospital’s clients, and even the animals being cared for there.

When Roo, a tiny Chihuahua born without his two front legs and a hole in his skull that never closed, was found freezing to death in a ditch, he was brought to Duluth Animal Hospital for treatment. That’s where little Roo and Penny Chicken met for the very first time.

The unlikely pair became fast friends and snuggle buddies. They are inseparable. And, since Roo was given a custom made wheelchair, the pair are also now unstoppable!

Penny Chicken and Roo are proof that you don’t have to be perfect for your love to be.

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  1. Avatar Of Linda Brokopp

    Linda Brokopp


    This truly is a beautiful story of a special chicken and dog who love each other unconditionally. Bless everyone who reaches out to animals to help them and love them just the way they are!

  2. Avatar Of Maxine Beckner

    Maxine Beckner


    All Chihuahuas have an open fontanelle in their skulls, a hole in the middle of its head that never closes.

  3. This is such and sweet and loving story. I read it with tears running down my face,thinking what great love these two animals have between them. It’s amazing . It touched my heart deeply and thanks for everyone that brought these two babies together. Thank god for people like you..

  4. Avatar Of Jeanine



    I’m crying!!! Oh my gosh this is so touching!!! Love the people who have blessed their lives!

  5. Avatar Of Jan Rogers

    Jan Rogers


    OMG,that was the sweetiest thing, how can anyone hurt animals,it is beyond me,love them ,because they feel love!!!!!!!!

  6. Very touching story. My father built a wheelchair for a little terrier mix that was struck by a vehicle and left to die in the late 1950s. Trucker gave us 11 years of joy.God bless you for giving Roo a chance. =^..^=

  7. Avatar Of Dee Deldman DEE DELDMAN says:


  8. Avatar Of Tara Taylor-Tucke

    Tara Taylor-Tucke


    Watched through tears. Its heartbreaking what people do to animals, and its AWESOME what was done for these two. God has a special place for you and Penny and Roo…

  9. Avatar Of Marion Ledger

    Marion Ledger


    What a beautiful story, that 1 person took a chicken with love to a dog with love. What God has done and will do for you, them and also your family. Too bad humans don’t respond this way!!! May all be blessed.

  10. Avatar Of Kathy Dillman

    Kathy Dillman


    This is one of the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. Thank you for giving love to this little puppy they are both little dolls.

  11. This story makes me cry. Animals love so unconditionally, I don ‘t know how anyone cannot help but love them. What a wonderful gift for them to be saved.

  12. Avatar Of Ruth Ann

    Ruth Ann


    This is the most touching and loving story of how two opposites attract. Good job to the rescue staff for giving both of these amazing animals a second chance on life.

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