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VIDEO: 3D Printed Prosthetics Allow Derby the Dog to Run for the First Time!

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When Tara Anderson discovered Derby through Peace and Paws Rescue just 3 months ago, she was so incredibly touched by his story that she simply had to help. Derby had been born with severely deformed legs that drastically limited his mobility, his ability to get around, and his quality of life.

Tara agreed to foster Derby, an act of heroism in itself, but that wasn’t all she had planned for this special boy.

First, she built a custom cart for Derby, which worked well, but didn’t give him the freedom he deserved and limited his ability to run and to play with other dogs. But, as a Director at 3D Systems, a company specializing in 3D printed manufacturing and technology, Tara had bigger ideas for Derby…

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Shewolf



    As a rescue Mom of many…Thank You so very much for adopting Derby!!
    That is absolutely fantastic! Thank Heavens Derby found a beautiful & loving family that went above & beyond to help him live his life to the fullest!!

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