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VIDEO: A Beatles Song That Only Dogs Can Hear!

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A Day in the Life, the final song on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album features a special section just for your dog!

Written by John Lennon and outspoken animal activist, Paul McCartney, the song has a short section of audio that only dogs can hear. And, we just love their reason for putting it into the song!

Wikipedia explains:

Following “A Day in the Life” on the Sgt. Pepper album is a high-frequency 15-kilohertz tone and some randomly spliced Beatles studio chatter. The frequency is best understood as what we know as a dog whistle as the frequency is picked up by a dog’s ear and was part of their humor. They joked about picturing barking dogs should they be present when the album would finish.

The whistle appears at about 5:05 in the video below (or so we’re told – we can’t hear it to confirm!).

Hit play, enjoy the song, then watch for your dog’s reaction just after the 5-minute mark!

So, did your dog react? Tell us about it!

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  1. Avatar Of Sound Of Text

    Sound of text


    This is so funny! I love dogs and I love Beatles music, so this is a great combo!

  2. Avatar Of Dyanne Johnston

    Dyanne Johnston


    Hazel didn’t do a thing. Juanita slept thru it. So, my two girls had no reaction.

  3. Avatar Of Lyle Raymond

    Lyle Raymond


    Because the sample rate has to be twice that of the frequency, even dogs won’t hear it in a YouTube video.

  4. Avatar Of Randon



    Not a single fuck was given by my doggo

  5. Avatar Of Tracey Fogel

    Tracey Fogel


    My dogs ears moved towards the music!

  6. Avatar Of Agapito Sinto Pinto

    Agapito Sinto Pinto


    In theory, compressed audio and video…like typical digital music erase those non-audible frequencies to save space. You will have to hear the old tapes and LP or non compressed digital recordings (which are not so common)

  7. Avatar Of Stephanie Soressi

    Stephanie Soressi


    This cuts out long before the 5 minute mark!

  8. […] Factoid:  The Beatles included a whistle in their song “A Day in the Life” that’s only audible to […]

  9. Various Beatles music videos found on The Beatles’ official YouTube channel, sadly only snippets are available.

  10. Avatar Of Retro Tones

    Retro Tones


    It’s not there. At least not in this video. Maybe it’s on the original ’67 vinyl.

    Adobe Audition frequency analysis and spectral view would shows no rise or spikes at any band. The compressed closing piano chord starts at 4:21.062 (min:sec), then slowly fades away to -81dB at 5:07.339 when all audio stops.

    Even turned way up, four Shelties here didn’t hear it either.

  11. Avatar Of Elly



    My Maltese was laying quietly then suddenly started looking out the window like he was looking for something then when then he went and layed back down ☺

  12. Avatar Of Mileson



    my dogs didn’t hear it

  13. Avatar Of Leena



    it’s beautiful…

  14. Avatar Of Ralph



    Kalba just lay there like a corpse.

  15. Avatar Of Rachel Mann

    Rachel Mann


    My dog totally reacted! She was just laying down and when the five minute mark came her ears perked up and she stood up.

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