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VIDEO: Corgi on a Carousel

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Say hello to Meatball, a 5-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a fun favorite past time – running the carousel!

With a big, happy smile, Meatball runs circles on the carousel, barking to go faster!

This will be the best 4 minutes of your day!

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  1. Avatar Of Licureaund35 Licureaund35 says:

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  2. Avatar Of Teresa



    How adorable!

  3. Avatar Of Deborah Jezierski

    Deborah Jezierski


    My fur-baby Miss Ellie, a 5 yr.old rescued beagle’s favorite past time is…going for a walk in the snow, and snuffing every rabbit track she can find, while she on a leash. Boy do I get a workout!

  4. Avatar Of John Atterberry

    John Atterberry


    This is cute. My dog Wolf loves to play with his bowling ball! He will push it around the yard like a soccer ball.
    He has taught himself how to bite down on the holes and pick it up, it is a full-size sixteen pound ball. He is getting older now and cannot carry it at a dead run like he used to do, but he still likes to show off.

  5. Avatar Of Crystal Gray

    Crystal Gray


    That is cute. My dog likes to sleep and play with his blankets all day.

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