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VIDEO: Little Dog Nearly Causes Massive Pileup in Tour de France

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One dog owner’s decision to bring his dog to watch Stage 2 of the Tour de France without a leash, nearly ended in tragedy.

Just as the peloton, the main group of cyclists, was nearing a bend in Stage 2 of the world-famous cycling race with just 4 kilometers to the day 2 finish line, a little white dog darted out into the course and right into the path of nearly 100 bikes traveling in a tight pack at about 31 miles per hour.

Watch in the video below as the little dog, and his frightened owner, both end up in the path of the cyclists, narrowly avoiding (and causing!) injury, even death, and possibly altering the outcome of the entire race:

This isn’t the first time a dog has made headlines during the Tour de France. Just last year, a dog darted into the road, causing a crash which (understandably) angered several cyclists.

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  1. Avatar Of Kelly Sue

    Kelly Sue


    Blame the owner not the dog!

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    Missed it by thismuch

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