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VIDEO: Firefighter Takes Off His Own Oxygen Mask, Uses it to Resuscitate Dogs

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As a Detroit man’s house burns, with billows of smoke pouring out from doorways and windows, he questions firefighters, panicked, “Did you get my dogs out?!”

Moments later, firefighters emerge carrying two limp, lifeless dogs. The dog owner rushes over, rubbing the lifeless dog, hoping he’ll survive when a firefighter joins his efforts.

In this amazing video below, watch at the brave firefighter removes his own oxygen mask, slips it over the muzzle of the dogs, and brings them back to life.

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  1. Avatar Of Nancy B. Mantz

    Nancy B. Mantz


    I am a firefighter and those air packs, called SCBA’s (self-contained breathing apparatus) have air bottles that are filled with compressed, purified air, NOT Oxygen!! What the firefighter in the video did was turn up the air flow through the mask so the dogs got a good dose of air. It was very fortunate for the home owner thee pups were not in the house any longer than they were. )One more thing to note – We are taught to rescue animals, if possible, from dwellings provided we are able to get to them without endangering our own lives. Again, it was a good thing these dogs seemed to be near enough to an means of egress where they could be quickly found.

  2. Avatar Of Marge Storey Marge Storey says:

    OMG! What a wonderful man you are!

  3. Avatar Of Gwen Craig

    Gwen Craig


    Thank you firefighters for risking your lives to save these pups. Thank you for the oxygen as well!

  4. Avatar Of Nancy Kohler

    Nancy Kohler


    so proud that the firefighters cared & helped the dogs to live. I love stories when people care about others & animals. My husband used to be on a volunteer fire dept & we love animals & volunteer at a no kill shelter. A few years ago our dept saved a dog from the icy river & I wrote an article for the newspaper thanking them for saving the dog. It was also on our local tv news. Thank you from Nancy in Illinois

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