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Video: Is This Really the Future of Dog Walking?!

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Is this really the future of dog walking?

Mashable seems to think so!

One New York City-based videographer used a drone to walk his golden retriever, and the video of the whole thing is complete with a chill music background and playful shots of the pup. The dog seems unfazed by his robot master and generally happy to be outside.

Let’s hope not.

Time spent walking your dog is so important – not just for exercise for the both of you, but for building a stronger bond! (Plus, I have a feeling my dogs would turn that drone into a plaything in a matter of seconds!)

We can’t imagine a world where dogs are walked by drones, but maybe that’s just us…

Would you let a drone walk your dog?

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  1. Avatar Of William Whitler

    William Whitler



  2. Avatar Of Kathy Kathy says:

    The first two things I see wrong with this idea is……
    1. How does the drone clean up after the dog? and
    2. Why is it walking the dog down the middle of the street?

    I’m sure there are many more reasons why this is not a good idea, but my dogs safety would be my first concern.

  3. Avatar Of Phydo Phydo says:

    Phydo could easily pull the drone down, but with enough drone power, the drone could lift Phydo over the bad spots. Get into a fight with another dog ? Weaponize the Drone with Nerf bullets or water cannon, or electonic jamming to stall other dog’s drone. Dog Drone Wars, OMG. Drone will of course know if Phydo has slipped his collar and follow him by GPS. Phydo already leads Canine Urban Hikes with other pet parents and their dogs, along with GoPro Camera. Time to incorporate a drone. Thanks for the heads up on this ! Phydo and his Dad.

  4. Avatar Of Steph



    a few things wrong with this
    1)most dogs can pull that thing down and destroy it
    2)what would the drone do if the dog go into a fight?
    3)what if the dog escapes his collar will the drone even realise?
    4)what if the dog sees something and takes off?

    basically this is a useless piece of machinery

  5. Avatar Of Christine



    No, i won’t! The dog can either be stolen, or injured, or get lost!

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